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VoIP with Wimax - how does it work?

Updated on August 13, 2010

Wireless VoIP Networks

One of the major reasons why businesses have been hesitant about taking up VoIP networks is the perceived unreliability of Internet connections. Reportedly, even some VoIP vendors still use PSTN based phone systems for their own business needs. Not very encouraging. They point to the fact that the "last mile connectivity" can go down frequently and that regular phone lines provide a constant and time tested system which rarely, if ever, fails.

However, what of wireless networks? It makes sense that wireless technologies are inherently more robust than wired ones. When does the radio ever go down? Cell phone networks are also highly reliable when within range, and barring a disaster at many key points, you're always just a few clicks away from a 911 call.

Till now however, it's been difficult to provide VoIP on mobile phones apart from traditional GSM based technologies. There has always been a trade off between speed and mobility with wi fi at one end and GSM networks at the other, with the former providing high speeds and the latter having excellent mobility.

In between however, there is space for something else. In this case, WiMax.

WiMax with VoIP
WiMax with VoIP

Wimax, VoIP, and Mobility

Wimax is one of those technologies just waiting to take off. A few major US providers have already started offering WiMax services covering entire metropolitan cities. There are distinct advantages that WiMax offers compared to GSM such as cost and speed. You subscribe to a WiMax Internet plan in the same way you subscribe to your regular Internet connection unlike a data service on a cell phone network where you also have to buy a phone connection.

WiMax is much more mobile than Wi fi and most people only move around within cities and other such restricted areas. So the equivalent of a huge metropolitan scale wi fi is what you can compare WiMax to.

It's easy to see why WiMax will be a shot in the arm for a virtual phone system. There are no wires that can fail, get broken, or short circuit and the awesome speeds ensure that you'll have all the bandwidth you will ever need. VoIP with WiMax is a killer combination, and one that will change the face of telecommunications in the future.

WiMax is still a new technology though and some standards are still evolving. But there's little doubt that this is quite an exciting period for the wireless Internet. New ways of working are on the horizon. And things are only going to get better.


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