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Voice Action on Android phones

Updated on May 11, 2011

I recently called a pizza shop on an Android smartphone after asking it - yes talking into my phone! I found the pizza shop, in other words, using only my voice. Before I got this phone, I wrote a hub about whether I should buy an Apple i4 phone(only Apple) or an Android phone (HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony etc...) and it turns out that my decision to go4 Android was the right one - at least for unstylish me! There is no argument about the design splendour of the Apple iphone. It blew me away when I first saw an iphone demonstration by my sister - and it has no peer with screen resolution.

Still, I've never really been a person who chooses style over substance or chooses anything without researching first and weighing up the pros and cons.

At the end of the day, my decision came down to integration with Google applications or at least the potential for this and the company culture I would be entering as the Android platform was developed by Google.

Their service habit, needless to say, is very customer focused with what seems to be very low levels of inconvenience and even if it sometimes appears daggy rather than high fashion, they seem a step ahead each time in the quest to make technology that much more efficient.

The Voice Action feature of Android phones is testament to this - it will blow you away what it does - and you will forget what the thing doing this looks like from a fashion point of view. It's not human quite and it's not a case of 'just speak it' for everything (only Google search - which is a major achievement in itself). Pretty soon having to type is going to seem like a chore, if this technology continues to develop. Check this out:

Besides search, the rest of Voice Action tips things a lot in your favour when it comes to doing what you do anyway. You give the orders as long as you give them in the right way!

If you would like to talk to your Android slave whichever way you would like, you are going to be disappointed. Right! There's still things for you Oh Royal One to learn and like all good rulers you will need to learn how to speak to your Voice Action Android for things like sending text, messages, calls, going to websites, navigating etc...Here is the official list:

  • send text to [contact] [message]
  • listen to [artist/song/album]
  • call [business]
  • call [contact]
  • send email to [contact] [message]
  • go to [website]
  • note to self [note]
  • navigate to [location/business name]
  • directions to [location/business name]
  • map of [location]

If you want to see a group of great videos on this including a plumber ordering a spare part while investigating under a kitchen sink be sure to check the official Google Mobile page: on Youtube.


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    • profile image
      Author 6 years ago

      I disagree myi4u - talking to your phone is not weird but if you started arguing with it I'd be a bit worried! Thanks for dropping by.

    • myi4u profile image

      myi4u 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Nice hub! I am using Android as well but I don't really use the Voice function. It's just weird talking to a phone, you know... It's much like people using bluetooth headset and it's as if they were talking to themselves.

    • profile image
      Author 6 years ago

      TMA everyone flunks technology - even the programmers - the main thing is to keep playing with it because the more you do the more you will be able to get your head around it. Thanks for dropping by.

    • profile image

      THAT Mary Ann 6 years ago

      I am still using an antique Motorola cell phone. I tried a Smart Phone and couldn't cope....I'm sure that makes you laugh, but there it is. I appreciate those of you who are so tech savvy, but I'm afraid I flunked that course.

    • profile image
      Author 6 years ago

      totally agree with you Taj - that's why I'm on to it also. Thanks for the feedback.

    • profile image

      TajSingh 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      What I love the most about android phones is that it has more great free apps than iphone. These voice action feature is also great. The integration to Google's services is a big plus.