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Voice Recognition Software Review

Updated on December 17, 2009

Voice Recognition Software

Speech recognition software has been around for a while now, I tried one a few years ago that came with my new laptop and I was not very impressed. No matter how hard I tried it would always get at least 8/10 words wrong, so I stopped using it. I looked around for other ones to see if there was anything better out there but I didn't find a thing that was worth using so I stopped looking.

Until recently I really had no need for speech recognition software but now that I've started writing articles and hubs and so on I found that my typing skills or rather lack of made it difficult for me to start typing or writing articles. The one finger typing just didn't cut it. I found that I would dread the idea of starting a new hub or article so I started my search for a new speech recognition software.

Nuance Productivity Suite
Nuance Productivity Suite

Things you should look for in Voice Recognition Software

Here are a few things you should look for in voice recognition software.

  • Ease of use -You should look for software where the commands and menus are easy to use. You can have a great program that turns your speech into text with great accuracy but when you try and use the commands and menus that are difficult to use you will become very frustrated.
  • Accuracy - When looking for voice recognition software you should try out a few different ones. You will find that not all software is alike, I tried out a few that drove me nuts, I couldn't get what I was saying on the screen, it becomes very frustrating when you have to keep repeating the line to try and get it right. Accuracy is very important.
  • Commands - A good voice recognition software will let you navigate your computer by voice. They will let you open and close other programs and use the features within them all by voice command.
  • Dictation - a great test of a good voice recognition program is dictation. Look for a program that is good at recognizing speech and accurately transcribed the text.
  • Features - so the features you should look for in voice recognition software are voice training, this lets a computer become familiar with your voice. Also features that let you customize commands and support accent.

Using Voice Recognition Software

I find that when I'm using voice recognition software I write more like I'm having a conversation, it also gives my work a nice flow, this may be a result of not worrying about my spelling and because my typing is so slow and inaccurate I tend to take shortcuts and leave out words and sentences.

I think now I'm really going to enjoy writing my hubs on my hobby which is collecting diecast cars, like NASCAR, Formula One, Indy Car, muscle cars, you get the picture.

There are several voice recognition software out on the market, after checking around I decided on Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred from Nuance Communications. In my opinion I believe that Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 is one of the best voice recognition software on the market right now. I suggest you do your diligence and research for the software that you prefer, prices can range anywhere from $20-$800 plus, so you need to choose on one that suits your needs and budget.

I am so enjoying this software, I am going to be using this every chance I get. I hope you find this information helpful in your quest for finding a good voice recognition software.


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