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Vuze HD Network

Updated on September 25, 2011

My first blog entry is about Vuze HD Network. A lot of you are wondering why i would talk about Vuze. This is video sharing site that you can make money to add to your million dollars a year. It is a wonderful by me just looking at it. You can add friends,share torrents, and download faster. I am not here to talk about the good points of Vuze but i am here to talk about making money with Vuze. Right! Vuze enables you to propose your content for free, and for free with advertising (you earn $5.00 USD for every 1000 Qualified Ad Impressions), and for a price (then you earn 50% of the content sale price). That is Damn Good Right! So if you got a site with a lot of traffic you are going to make a killing. You can also put your website address to your blog in your video so people can go to it. You are doing this for free and you can get paid for it too. You are probably get more people if you put it for free then people pay for to look at your video. This is personal decision you have to make for yourself on this one. I am also looking through the site too and they are not looking for new publishing content. I think this is not going to be for long so keep your head up people. Thanks for reading my blog.


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