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Laptop: No internet access

Updated on August 27, 2012

No matter the computer or operating system

Try this first if your WLAN is not working!!!

I have decided to let the world in on a little secret that I have discovered. I recently came across a computer that I was trying to fix because it would not connect to the internet. First let me explain the problem and I will tell you how to fix it in a second, if you can't wait scroll down to see what I did to fix the WLAN. So, I fix computers it's what I do! When I can't do it ,it frustrates the dog out of me. I get this computer from a customer and the only problem is it won't connect to the internet. To myself I say "Ha, easy money baby I know exactly whats wrong!" Boy, was I wrong! For the next 24 hours I did my trouble shooting, I reinstalled the drivers and all this did was enable me to not even see the wireless connections. So at that point I was going backwards. I'm breaking this thing even worse, I'm thinking! I reinstalled the chip set, checked and double checked the device manager, to make sure that I was not tripping. Everything was working like it was supposed too, except actually connecting to the internet. So I did some rebooting, on reboot it would say, that the WLAN stopped working. I would click the bottom right tray for the connections and it would not find any wireless connections. I decided to consult my tech friends on the internet. This question goes largely unanswered because nobody knows what the problem is....until now.

WLAN not working!!! FIXED!!!!

The WLAN not working fix!!!!!

I noticed that my customer had a antivirus so I thought, "Maybe this is blocking the wireless card somehow, the only problem was, the antivirus was not started. So I clicked the AVG icon in this case, and nothing happened. I looked for it in the uninstall programs under control panel. I tried to uninstall it and it says "avg has stopped working" My humor was still intact so I thought, "yep, everything about this computer has stopped working, why should AVG be any different!" Then it clicked, "The antivirus, had not been properly uninstalled and had the computer wireless on lock-down!!" I quickly did a Google search for "avg remover" saved it to a jump drive and loaded it to the non-working computer. I did a reboot, then I went into the C: drive and manually deleted all avg folders under "program files>avg", "appdata>roaming>AVG", and "programdata>avg". I rebooted the computer again, then made sure that the device manager showed that the wireless adapter was enabled and VIOLA!!! I could see the wireless connections and connected to my home wireless immediately! Yes, another happy customer!!!!


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    • jagged81 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from New Mexico

      I think it is very possible, one way to find out is uninstall antivirus or disable temporarily. Also, if the computers are networked together, there might be an issue there or on the server.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      9 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      This is an interesting observation. We are having issues with the wireless at our office going off and on, at least that is what appears to be happening. The computer will simply say that the wireless signal was lost, and it will have to get it back again. When I right click on the icon and do a repair, then I get the signal back. Could this be caused by the antivirus as well?

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 

      9 years ago from Winnipeg

      Great tip, I think we've all had days when we couldn't figure something out on our computers. Many problems occur when software is installed or uninstalled, unfortunately its hard to know when its someone elses computer your loking after. I'll definitely remember this hub if I ever run into wireless connection issues, thanks for the info!


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