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Want to be Android App Developer??

Updated on March 30, 2015
Android App
Android App

Android operating system is very popular these day

Android Operating System is very popular now a days. Now in whole world it has been spread over. Above in 70% smartphone we can find android OS. So the demand of android app developer is rising too much high. All the smartphone companies are now a days using android operating system in their phone. Android operating system is also very easy to use.

Why android??
Why android??

Why android Developer??

Why you want be android App developer?? There will be lot of questions like some for the knowledge purpose, someone will wanted to be professional and some one for the fun. So by the above question I wanted to know what is your goal about to be an Android Developer. Ok Now set out your goal and start one step up.

Who can go through the Android App developement??

For starting to being an android app developer you should have some simple skills about the programming language

So here I am listing some skill checklist by which you can go ahead

Knowledge of Internet


Willing to learn

You have knowledge of internet, Right. Because of that you are on my hub.

You are also willing to learn,then you are reading my article, I don't know that You know HTML or not. If you know then well and good, If you do not know then try to Learn HTML.

Whic tools you need to download to Develope android App??

By which developer tools android apps are developed?? Here is the two main main tools by which android apps are developed.

  1. Android Studio
  2. Android Developement tool (ADT)

I use ADT, It is easier to use. You can simply download the above tool.

An Android App created by me

What to do next??

In one article I can not teach you android App developing . But I am sure that within a month I can make you able to developing your android app.

So now follow me on hubpages.

In my next hub I will tell you the next steps about android App developing. Thank you

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      satendra bhardwaj 2 years ago

      it' great,working good.

    • profile image

      Stephen 2 years ago

      Very nice article waiting for the next