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Watch for Ourdoor Activities & Sports

Updated on January 17, 2010


Casio Triple Sensor PRG-130GC-3DR - WW
Casio Triple Sensor PRG-130GC-3DR - WW
Casio Men's Pathfinder
Casio Men's Pathfinder

Outdoor Activities

Does anyone knows what's the best watch to wear when you're out for fishing, diving, mountain climbing, camping, hunting, picnic or swimming? Well, I suggest that you get one of this CASIO Triple Sensor watch. You know why? Because this watch have all in one gadget for your outdoor activities.

Say it’s summer now and today you planed to bring your family for a swimming on the beach and everybody was so excited and Vroooommm - off you go!… but just as you arrive on the beach every one was very disappointed to find out that today it’s low tide – toink!... and probably your son might says – Oh Dad! Can we just go home... Well, Casio triple sensor has a tide range graph for specific date and time so you can plan your family for swimming - and believe me you never miss the high tide.

If hunting is your hobby – that's great, you don’t have to worry of getting lost in the dense forest or jungle because watch has a real time compass to guide you all the way home and direction.

How about Mountain climbing? Wow! I love this activity. This watch has an Altimeter to tell you how high your location from the sea level and you can set a reference altitude also to measure how high you have climb up to the mountain and the distance…amazing ha.

On winter! – gush it's cold out there!... but you can check the outdoor temperature fist before you go out with this watch to avoid catching cold - a good protection for your health, right?

And what more - it has Barometer for atmospheric pressure… Thus, high pressure typically brings bright and sunny day. In contrast, low pressure means it is going to rain - so you better get ready for your umbrella or rain coat before you go out or you may can cancel all your out door activities for a while… like early warning device.

Fishing! Oh wow - I enjoy fishing very much. But in my home country we don't go fishing when it's full moon. This Casio watch has Moon phase to guide you the best time for fishing - or date with your love ones under the full blue moon... :-)

Casio Path Finder & Triple Sensor


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    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 8 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Get this watch.