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Watchout Everybody: Is Scamming People For Money

Updated on August 19, 2011 is Posing As A Government Agency

If your reading this your, probably wondering what or who is is an a group of scammers, who are posing as governmental agencies aid in the payment of your personal bills. The scam was well thought out, and sounds almost to good to be true. Off First Glimpse your waived to a site through the web. the address is They claim that they are a government funding organization designed to help individuals pay bills with government funding. They are not a government organization. They will have you fill out a list with your information. They ask for your social security number, your name, your address, etc., all personal information. Then the form asks for your billing information, for the bills you need paid of course. You can't enter the info on the site because the sheet is in pdf format supposedly. An if you type info into the slots on the site it can't be saved. So they will instruct you to print the information out and fax it to this number (888)415-9767. Upon entering this number as a fax it will not accept the fax. This will prompt you to call the number.When you call the number there is a recording that will answer an tell you to email the info to Then in about 24-48 hours they will send you an email, showing the bills that were paid, and the amount you owe. Now supposedly you are to pay them back 13.8 percent of the total amount of the bill paid. Who ever they are, they are very knowledgable of both the banking and internet industries. After they make the payments to your accounts via credit card, they contact you through email, and inform you that you have 24-48 hrs to make a payment, or the payment will be reversed and you will be responsible for the payment to them with interest as well as the payments of your bills submitted. This is because in the banking industry it takes anywhere from 24-48 hours for electronic debits to post. Upon the receipt of your payment you think everything is ok. About 24-72hours later you will receive notice that your payment was reversed or stopped to you creditor on your billing account. Know I myself am disguisted with this kind of fraudulent behavior because it is unethical, and immoral. I decided to write a hub about it to inform people to keep them from losing their money to these fraudulent scams. They will also give u an address to send a Moneygram or Western Union Payment and they use google checkout . Here is the address 11 Orange Street Hopewell, Jamaica. No zip code, and get this they don't have a receive code Moneygram. An from the prompter tone you are instructed, to use the so called fax number, if asked for a telephone number enter, (888)415-9767. Here is the thing ;this was supposed to be a fax number, so why would you enter that as the contact number. The telephone system is automated, and it seems to be that of legitimacy; however it is not. They have several email addresses all of them are emails. They are committing fraud all over the U.S. States denoted to date are Florida, Alabama, and Virginia.

Apparently, The Better Business Bureau has been alerted about this so called government agency. They also have many reports at the Better Business Bureau concerning for more info regarding the scam contact the Better Business Bureau at Or contact the BBB at www.


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    • shaekelly profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Alabama


      I paid them an they paid the bill but after three days they reversed the bills I have proof, they are a scam sweetiejust google them. The Better Business Bureau nationwide have numerous reports with them involved. Sounds to me that your extremely upset, to have been targeted. Could it be that you are affiliated with them. I know that they have a gmail account because one method of there payment is google checkout. It's only a matter of time before the FBI catches them. An don't speak too soon, like I said THEY ARE A SCAM, THEY ARE NOT THE GOVERNMENT, THEY ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY GOVERNMENT FUNDING, AND THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU IS INSISTING THAT YOU REPORT ANY AFFILIATIONS WITH THEM. Now I am going to update my blog with all of the involvement scandal just for crooks. Thanks for viewing my blog

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I used them and my bills are paid, sounds as if you are ratting on them because you can't pay your service charge... it's people like you because you don't want to pay for a service that makes it bad for everybody else.

    • shaekelly profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Alabama

      @Kashmir56 thanks for reading my hub. I am going to write a article on them for every network, that I am on.

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi shaekelly, Thanks for the warning and all the information about . It is a shame that there are people like this who will take advantage of people in need .

      Awesome and vote up !!!


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