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Waterproof Single Use Camera Choices

Updated on July 30, 2009

A waterproof single use camera offers a fun and cheap alternative to risking an often-expensive digital camera in an attempt to take some more unusual photographs. A top of the range underwater digital camera can be an expensive piece of kit, so if planning on a one time snorkeling vacation it might be more worthwhile to just pick up a disposable unit.

These one-time use underwater cameras are great for taking a picture in or out of the water, once in the water these cameras operate up to 10 - 35 feet underwater so ideal on a snorkeling expeditions. Crisp clear photos can be captured on land in most conditions, while the best underwater pictures will be taken on days with the sun out. Ideal in all outdoor pursuits were sand, water, and rough terrain might all feature. Use underwater as designed in the sunshine, as well as on a beach, or a camping, fishing or boating trip.

The Fujifilm quick snap waterproof 35mm single use camera is one of the more popular options when its comes to disposable cameras. Costing in the region of $15.99 (often less if searching online), with 27 exposures, 800 speed color film, and waterproof to up to 17 feet deep.

If planning a diving or snorkeling expedition it’s often a benefit to purchase a dedicated sport waterproof single use camera, these are built to survive in places that a standard camera wont. Great on rocky trails, to snorkelers or divers in need of a camera that's able to take a picture that little bit further down. Vibrant pictures at 50 ft underwater are often a possibility. In addition, a single use camera is perfect to take on all rafting or kayaking adventures, with its wrist strap to keep the camera close at all times.

These one-time cameras need to offer a robust and sturdy build, with a design that's easy to grip, and even be able to take pictures with a pair scuba or winter gloves on. Moreover, must be compact enough to fit with a small holdall, beach bag, or pocket. 

These cameras are also great if at a poolside where it’s not a good ideal to take a typical camera. disposable underwater camera operate in all-weathers, come pre-loaded with film, and ideal for shooting in all outdoor situations, in wet, snow, or even underwater. So ideal to pack along with other scuba diving gear on that next vacation. All in all, these camera's offer a great, and low-priced way to take fun pictures in 10 - 50 feet of water.


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