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Waterproof iPods, MP3 Players and Digital Cameras

Updated on October 15, 2010

Waterproof your Gadgets

Try this only if you've read the directions first!

Use your elecronic gadgets in the rain and in the pool


Waterproof your music-earphones-digital cameras

For those fortunate enough to have the electronic gadgets they desire it is important to protect them. Just like a fair weather friend an electronic gadget is seldom equipped to perform in extreme circumstances so that's where we have to step up and take the lead.

After working hard and figuring our how many hours it took to make the purchase it is important to take the next step - enjoy them to the fullest!

Sitting in your easy chair, sitting at your desk or riding in your car is not what I would consider extreme. Jogging in a spring rain, lounging in the pool or sitting in a boat while your husband tries to catch dinner could be.

In the future there will be more electronic gadgets that can withstand Mother Nature and human clumsiness on their own. We can look forward to inventions such as the Ion-Mask (a protective bonding on individual components). Then there are those that - well - what can I say about the creativity of a Navy seal trying to protect an electronic gadget in a pinch. Original, inexpensive and easily stored - condoms work as water proof covers if you are careful to avoid tears.

Thank goodness there are already more conventional ways to protect your electronic gadgets. Cell phones, iPods, radios, fitness monitors, earphones and headsets can be protected against the elements. There are also choices between hard cases and soft packs. That is fortunate because space and weight could make the difference for someone choosing to protect or not.

These are a few choices that are readily available at reasonable prices. Some of these choices are designed to fit multiple gadgets and some are specifically designed for a particular gadget.

  • Aquapac - Aquapac products are available for multiple purposes. Whether you need to protect your keys, small digital camera, large digital camera or your SLR digital camera from water/dust or sand these Aqua bags will help. They are made of flexible "thermoplastic polymer" and resist discoloration and cracks.
  • Sony SPK-WA Marine Pack - is designed to protect the W-series Cybershot digital cameras. This case is constricted of hard plastic with a silicon rubber gasket. The operation buttons are also water proof.
  • Pelican Micro Case 1010 - This is a little box that is both waterproof and crush proof. Not designed necessarily for digital cameras it could be used to store one for safety.
  • Otterbox Waterproof Cases - These cases are waterproof and many of their styles are designed to fit most iPods. The iPods can be controlled while in the cases.
  • H20 Waterproof Housings - These are similar I design to the Otterbox Waterproof cases. There are several model for the iPod as well as for other MP3 players.
  • TIC GS-10 4-Inch 2 Way 80-Watt Outdoor Speakers - These speakers are designed to be used and mounted outside. They are small (4 inches) but have a robust 40 Watt - 360 degree sound. They can be "planted" in the yard or can be attached to deck posts.
  • Lowepro DryZone 100 Backpack - Is a totally waterproof camera backpack. This bag is soft sided and the inside is customizable for your camera equipment. There are several useful features on the outside including a tripod holder, mesh pockets that drain themselves and a rubber handle. Comfort has not been forgotten either. There is a ergonomic lumbar support and the shoulder straps are adjustable. If you drop this bag in the river - no problem - it floats!
  • H3 Waterproof Headphones - These headphones are used mainly by swimmers but they are also handy for any outdoor activity. Light rain or drizzle is no problem and may keep your exercise on track.

Before trusting your expensive gadgets to a watery environment be sure that the seals on cases are working properly. Read the instructions carefully and follow the directions exactly. A protective case only works when you properly seal them especially when it will be submerged underwater. It only takes one time of being lax to cause irreparable damage.


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      10 years ago

      I have been using an Otterbox for my mobile, it is very important to maintain protection for devices to have a long life.

      I suggest all to use some or the other protection.

      There are a lot of products on the web, the one I use can be seen at:

      <a href="


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