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Way Of Thanking You

Updated on March 13, 2013

I'm Amazed

I enjoy my time writing. I have a lot of useless stuff that I must get out of my system. If I don't I'm afraid my head would explode. That would be messy and thoroughly piss off the wife. Not that I might be dead, but that I made a mess.

I'm amazed that people will actually take the time to read my stuff. I'm more amazed that some actually like it. To know that there are others out there like myself is both, comforting and frightening.

Those that take the time to leave comments on my Hubs need to be thanked. A simple reply to thier comment really isn't enough to show my appreciation. So, I do other things.

How I Thank You

Anyone leaving a comment on my Hub is immediately researched. I view the profile page and read a few Hubs. I don't always leave comments and for that I should be flogged. However, I will choose one and promote it.

I'll use Digg and Stumble Upon. I'll use Red Gage. A lot of people only promote thier own things on these sites, but you can share other links too.

My favorite site to promote is Twitter. I use that site to connect to links about blogging. I'll always throw in a link for content not related to blogging. After all you can't be doing business 24/7.

I don't post too many things on my Facebook, because I use that mostly for family and friends. I don't even promote my own writing there. If I post something on Facebook, it's got to be really good.

I write for several sites and always try to include a link to someone's work who has taken the time to view mine. Naturally I also link to my stuff. After all it is mostly about me.


You may ask why I do these things. I'd love to click on an ad and help a fellow author make a few cents, but Googe watches that stuff closely. Therefore, if I can get other people to arrive at someone's creation, maybe they will click. After all it is all about the traffic.

I'm not sure if others get a lot of traffic from my efforts, but I feel better knowing I've tried to help. I've met a lot of nice people here and we all want our stuff to be seen.

So, for everyone that has read my stuff, I thank you. For those that have left comments, I really appreciate it. For those that I have read, but not left comments, my sincerest apologies.


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    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 6 years ago from Carmichael, California

      You are #1. This was fabulous and not only beautiful, I believe it is the most beautiful Hub I've read yet. Sentimental, sincere, honest, cheerful and tasteful, just enough of everything including, as always humor. Thank you !