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Ways of Making a VoIP Connection

Updated on April 9, 2013
Using VoIP in Different Ways
Using VoIP in Different Ways | Source

VoIP – Adapting to Business Needs

A business uses its telephone network in a very different way compared to an individual. There are far more people who need to stay in touch, conferencing has to be a key feature, and it needs to take into consideration the various lifestyles of its employees. From this perspective, the traditional PSTN phone system is found wanting because it is static and offers just 2 avenues to get connected – smartphones and land lines. Because it is based on legacy systems, the traditional telephone is inflexible.

VoIP on the other hand runs over the Internet and inherits from the parent network all it's advantages. As a result, you can use VoIP in many different ways at the same time. In addition to being cheaper, VoIP incorporates a great number of features that are unavailable elsewhere. One of these is the ability to connect to it in many different ways.

The simplest way to get started without any additional hardware is to simply attach a microphone and headset to your PC. Depending on the specific type of VoIP solution you're using, you will have to install a client on your machine. For jobs requiring a large number of calls, this is the most convenient and efficient method to go about it. Call centers immediately come to mind.

Another way of connecting to VoIP is using a mobile client. Just like with the PC, download and install an app on your smartphone or tablet that keeps in touch with your service provider and routes all calls to you. There are several free and paid applications on both the Android and the iOS app stores. It is quite possible that your hosted VoIP services provider themselves will have their own application in which case it is recommended that you use it because it will come preconfigured with all the optimal settings.

For business however, land lines are still essential for those situations where you need to talk for a long time but not to the extent required by a call center. The form factor makes it ideal for keeping on the desk and speaking into. It's also the easiest to set up if you order your VoIP phones along with your VoIP PBX service. The phones will come preconfigured and will automatically provision themselves and download the latest updates and patches thereby saving you or your IT staff from the headache of keeping them up-to-date and secure.

It's quite possible of course that your business will employ a mix of these techniques to get the maximum mileage out of its VoIP system. A bit of planning in advance will help you craft the most optimal strategy.


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