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Ways of making an online income

Updated on August 25, 2016

In the past few years, there has been a big decrease in the available jobs. While production is automatized and more and more fields of work become computerized, all this combined with the crisis we are in, a death of jobs as we know them, is happening all over the world. Despite this, the internet economy is on a fair rise. People that couldn't find traditional jobs anymore, who needed an extra income, or even those who got tired of working hundreds of hours for a minimum wage, turned to a more profitable option: the internet. When working online you get paid strictly related to the work you do. Certain skills, as well as high-quality work and determination, can lead to a better income than you can imagine.

What do you need to start your online business? The main and most basic requirement is a computer with a steady internet connection. This, along with a Gmail account, a PayPal account, and a bank account is the only thing your business needs for a start. Set up the amount of money you want to make, as well as the number of hours you want to spend working, in your mind, and you're good to go.

But after fulfilling all these requirements, how do you actually start making money online?

In this chapter we present you seventeen ways of making a decent income by working online.

1. Paid to click sites

During a superficial search on the internet about how to make an online income, this highly popular method probably comes as the first result. This easy way of making money online is only good for you if you plan on making an extra income, besides your 9 to 5 job, as you can only make around $200 a month. Your job is to read and watch advertisements. You get paid for each advertise you watch. At the end of the day, this is a super easy way of making some extra money, as there is no intellectual effort implied and no special skills needed.

2. Paid surveys

Another great option of making some extra dollars is by completing online surveys. Most companies nowadays conduct surveys before launching a new product or before changing an old one, in order to understand the exact needs of the customers. Just like PTC sites, this method requires no investment and no special skills. Also, you can treat it as a simple part-time job, as you can complete the surveys in the morning, while relaxing with a cup of coffee before work, in the evening, from the comfort of your home or even during weekends.

3. Blogging

A third efficient method is by creating your own website. Whether you plan on creating a blog, which is a lot more easier and requires no investment as there are numerous free blog hosting platforms, or a website about a topic you like, the important thing to keep in mind is the quality of the content. A good, interesting content makes people return to your website, and by doing this, helping you to make a lot of money. However, in order for your blog to start making an income, you have to monetize it with Google Adsense.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing basically means you become an online salesman. Your job is to convince customers to view and buy certain products from the affiliate platforms. Your income comes from the sales you manage to do. There are many ways to promote a product. You can do it among your friends on a social media platform, or among other people by creating short advertisings and posting them on various websites. Make sure that in the description of the product you don't forget to mention your affiliate link.

5. Become a freelancer

In order to become a freelancer certain skills are needed. The first thing you need to do is to build a complete profile that employers can view. Depending on your skills, as well as on your working hours, the income you can make can start from $500 and go to more than $3000. There are thousands of online jobs available everyday on platforms like Freelancer, Elance, WorknHire and many more. The registration is free and simple and the interfaces of this websites are user-friendly and extremely easy to use.

6. Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is just like a personal assistant, but without being present. You can make a decent monthly wage by becoming someone's virtual assistant. The tasks you need to fulfill are various and need to be talked through before accepting the job. The tasks a virtual assistant usually has to perform are maintaining a website, proofreading, writing and publishing content, coding, designing logos, translating and many more. There are dozens of platform where employers look for a virtual assistant. We remind you just a few: HireMyMom, MyTasker and Zirtual.

7. Become a content writer

Become a content writer for a third-party. You can write for blogs, companies or even individuals. Based on your writing skills, the amount of money you can make in an hour can be more than $80. However, the normal rate at which people usually get paid is around $10-$15/an hour. There are various platform available on which you can start your writing business and they are for free. Some of these sites are iWriter, FreelanceWriting and WriterBay. Register, build your profile, upload your portfolio and start making money online.

8. Write an E-Book

Creating E-Books, as well as interesting articles people decide to download, is a great way of making big amounts of money. Also, creating an E-Book, unlike publishing a real book, which can be really pricey, is for free. Make sure to write interesting content, pay attention to your grammar, as no one wants to buy a book with misspellings or grammar issues and write it as a PDF so it can be read from multiple devices. Do a thorough research on the subject before you start writing and use clear, easy to read sentences. Avoid fill-ups in order to increase your word count: quality before quantity.

9. Audio products

Different people have different ways of learning. There are thousands of people that simply dislike reading, so consider adding to your E-Book an audio option. Also, if you are talented enough in this field, you can start creating music or music backgrounds and sell them online. This kind of work is highly appreciated, as there are lots of young artists without the meanings to contact a professional studio to build their negatives. However, this requires a bit of an investment, as you need a professional software, in order to be able to deliver this kind of audio files.

10. Video tutorials

As we earlier established, different people have different ways of learning. There are people who read, people who listen and also people who like to watch how it's done. So video tutorials are a great way to attract viewers, and more viewers mean more money. There are various subjects on which you can make a video tutorial. Try choosing trending subjects and providing quality content. Again, quality is more important than quantity.

11. Teach online

If you have mastered any skills along time, feel free to become an online teacher. A training and consultancy online business has all the means to become highly profitable. You can provide English, mathematics or computer science classes, as well as any other subject you are really good at. You can promote your business by creating social media pages and a website. Remember the importance of always keeping your customers updated and informed on any changes. The big advantage is that you manage to talk about a topic you like from the comfort of your home and make important amounts of money out of it. When you manage to build a name for your business, you can start hiring people, in order for your offer to be more various.

12. Stock and Forex trading

Provided the fact that you have some pretty good market skills, you can start making an income by working on Forex trading. There are thousands of online courses meant to help you better understand this platform. An important thing about Forex is that is mandatory to always stay informed. Whether you watch economic TV programs, read the online news or buy an international economic newspaper on a daily basis, missing out on an information or two could lead to losing great amounts of money, just as easy as you make them.

13. Web Design

Web Design is one of the modern jobs someone can perform. It requires talent and imagination, as well as steady skills of photo editing, graphic design and drawing. It's mandatory to buy an expensive, professional software, as there is no cheap or free option that can well do the work. Web Design, along with development, are the two best paid online actions. If you plan on learning how to do it, keep in mind that it will require a lot of work from your side. However, the results are going to be more than satisfying, as the amount of money you will be making will surely cover all your needs.

14. SEO

Don't worry if you have no idea what SEO is, there are thousands of online courses and tutorials on this subject. SEO is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Basically, SEO means finding the right combination of content and keywords, in order for your website to appear on the top of Google for its domain. Being in the top results for the search engines, guarantees you amazing numbers of viewers. Companies spend great amounts of money on SEO. You can either work for one of this companies, or start your own top website.

15. Become a micro worker

If you only want to make a small extra income for your household by working online, you can become a micro worker. You can earn around $300/ month by completing different simple tasks like commenting on websites, writing small articles and doing small research on different matters. Micro working doesn't take much time, and can be done outside your 9 to 5 job. There are many platform which you can access in order to get hired as a micro worker; we remind you some of them: mTurk, MicroWorker, SEOClerk, as well as many others.

16. Selling photos online

Are you a talented photographer? Do you own a high quality camera? Then you can start taking pictures and selling them online. You can take pictures of nature, people, food, homes or anything else that crosses your mind. There are many platforms on which you can submit and sell your photos. Fotolia, Shutterstock and Photobucket are just few of them. You can fix the price for the photos you take. When a customer decides to buy one of your photos, you get paid for it. An interesting thing is that you can sell the same photo for more than one time.

17. YouTube

Last, but not the least, YouTube is also a great and dynamic way of making an extra online income. All you have to do is register and start a channel. You can do anything you like, shoot videos of anything you find interesting, as these videos are going to attract viewers, and eventually followers. You will get paid for every single view. If one of your videos becomes viral, you can make lots of money in a really short time. By using YouTube as a source of an online income, you also manage to have a lot of fun whenever shooting a video. Remember to stay focused and don't forget to constantly add more videos to your channel.

As the traditional society we know changes, the job market changes as well. It has become rather difficult to find a good job that can fulfill your material needs and also make you feel accomplished. However, as the internet grows, there are more and more ways to make a good wage online, from the comfort of your own home. You can be your own boss and work for as much as you like. The amount of money you make is based strictly on your capacity of organizing and finishing certain tasks.


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