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Ways to be inspired to blog

Updated on May 31, 2017
ways to be inspired to blog
ways to be inspired to blog

Ways to be inspired to blog

Everything can be blogged about in limitless amounts, anything that is inspiring in any way can be blogged about that is why anything can be blogged about limitlessly if you know how to change it up in order to give a different message for the limitless things that you are blogging about.That is why bloggers can come up with limitless ideas for their posts on a certain topic. Things like movies, books, a day out at the beach, shopping, spending time with family and friends. These things can all be blogged about. Specific things like movies, vacations spending time with friends can help inspire you to blog, if they can be blogged about they can inspire you. Having a nice meal can even inspire you to blog. These things can all inspire someone to blog, especially if that person blogging feels that what they are blogging about, is interesting enough to them and the people that will be reading it.

You can ask friends, for inspiration and see what they come up with. The things that can inspire someone to blog can be anything they like, or even just sitting outside on a sunny day can inspire someone. How can inspiration hit for blogs? Well, one way is letting your mind go. What I mean by that, is opening your mind up to what is going on, at the time. Don’t think of the stresses that are in your life, because then that will just stop your blogging altogether and that is never fun is it? Inspiration can come when you least expect it.

Inspiration comes when you clear your head. For example, reading, watching t.v. going outside and sitting in the sun, listen to the sounds of the outdoors. Going somewhere, where you haven’t been in a while if you go to that specific place you might find some inspiration. If you are a blogger, where do you find your inspiration to blog? I am new at blogging and but where I found the inspiration to blog was reading up about it, on the internet. I was inspired to blog when I found out that I could make money from it and also when I found out how popular it was. If you can make money at anything wouldn’t that inspire you? Picking topics that you think people will be interested in reading on your blog can be inspiring. You can be inspired by other bloggers if you are into reading blogs online it can inspire you to write your own blog.

You can be inspired to blog, because of other blogs, movies and books as I said can inspire blog posts. Magazines, forums, art music, friends, writing groups, quotes, nature as I said, history, travel as I said, children, exercise, religion, newspaper, dreams and much more. People watching is a nice way to figure out different blog posts. Why that well, if you overhear their conversations you can pick up new ideas.

The ways that I get inspiration to blog is stopping writing every couple weeks. When I do this, I go out and keep myself busy instead of write, I will watch movies just to get new ideas following. Reading books also helps me get inspiration for blogs. These are the biggest things that inspire my blogs? what inspires you to blog?

Way's to be inspired to blog

What can Inspire a blog post?

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Inspiration for Blogs

If you are trying to come up with blog inspiration and spending time with family and friends, isn't helping why not look at your life and see what you are doing that can help you with your blog. Maybe what you are doing in your everyday life might spark an idea for a new blog post you just have to know where to find the posts in your everyday life in order to write about them.

There are limitless things that can inspire a blogger to blog, you just have to look for them and see what works with the niche you are focused on. Anything can inspire you if that is what you are looking for, for example going outside and looking around things could inspire you, talking to people about your blog or just things, in general, can be inspiring. If you are looking for inspiration, however, that is when you are going to have a hard time, finding it because most of the time you will be thinking too hard.

Even though you are looking for inspiration for your blog why not try doing limitless things not related to your blog. Yes I know that sounds weird but try it and see what happens, that is what I do when I am stuck for ideas for my blogs and the ideas seem to just jump into my head when I am not focused on them and focused on something else.

Ideas for the blog that I am trying not to think about are at the forefront of my mind in limitless amounts, but when I am trying to come up with them they aren't there go figure. If you are not thinking of your blog everything will inspire you in limitless amounts because you are thinking of nothing but that thing in front of you. At least that is what I have noticed when I am trying to think of blog posts. The inspiration for blog posts can come in limitless amounts at any time, when you are thinking of them but remember don't think too hard because then nothing is going to come to mind and you will get aggravated at yourself, for it.

This has happened to me and when I stop and take a step back, to look at everything that could inspire a blog post no matter what that thing is, things come to mind limitlessly and I write a huge list that I can go by for a few weeks. If you just let your mind go and not think of your blog limitless ideas will come to mind, especially when you are just relaxing with friends or taking a walk, or even watching television, the list of where inspiration for your blog can come from is limitless so just be patient and don't think too hard and it will come.

If you want to blog believe in yourself and go for it.
If you want to blog believe in yourself and go for it.

Inspiration of Blog Posts can be Limitless

Inspiration for blogs can come from anywhere and anything. It is limitless, if you are looking for inspiration you will find it, but don't look too hard. The reason why is because if you look too hard for inspiration for blogs you won't find it, it is when you aren't looking hard for inspiration for blogs that the inspiration for a post strikes. Which means it can come to you limitlessly no matter what you are doing. So just be prepared. Do you think that Inspiration for blog posts can be limitless?

What gets you inspired to blog? Let's Discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      I agree, I blog because i am passionate about writing and certain issues, which I feel shows through my writing, That is why I enjoy blogging

    • HeyHuJiao profile image

      Wong Seng Wee 2 years ago from Singapore

      I think the desire to blog is kind of intrinsic. For me blogging is a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings regarding a certain issue. If you are blogging for money then you might find yourself scratching your head trying to squeeze something out of nothing.