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Ways to keep your PC virus free

Updated on June 24, 2013
PC Hard Drive
PC Hard Drive

Every house in this country has at least one PC connected to the internet, you need to have some safe guards and rules about online usage for your family firmly in place or you may find yourself battling some nasty virus's or ad ware,there are many ways to keep your PC virus free.

One of the biggest mistakes I think parents make is letting their children surf the web unrestricted, not every threat comes from a obvious source, I have found virus's hiding in links on my Comcast homepage. You really need to be careful some virus or spy-ware can cause serious damage in a matter of seconds, identify theft is one of the biggest reasons people make virus's in the first place. Lets start looking at how you can proactively protect your family.

PC Security
PC Security

Internt Security explained

I am sure you have looked at all kinds of software options and even seen products called internet security suite or something similar,well there's several ways to protect your families PC from intrusion and attacks. There are different products for various reason so lets take a look so you can decide what suites your families need best.

No matter which option you choose I recommend buying a Cd in case of a system crash it is easier to reinstall your software. A good rule of thumb is to set your software to scan at least once a week and enable auto update so it is always up to date.

Anti virus Programs

These programs are designed to scan,remove and actively protect your PC,they do not how ever offer complete protection such as a fire wall. The top names here are Norton, Kaspersky,Avg and Spybot all offer basic protection and really the difference is how well they perform and if they weigh to heavy on your systems resources slowing it down.

Internet Security suite

These are a more full featured solutions including a virus program,firewall and some include back up and tune tools. The big change here is the firewall, this is a program that monitors all inbound and outbound traffic and stop hackers from remotely attacking your PC.

Total protection

The best option is a complete solution like Norton 360 or Kaspersky Internet Security these solution's offer protection,recovery and tune up tools all in one package allowing you to use your computer safely and efficiently without interruption .


Knowing the limits

I must stop here and bring up something very important,no solution is fool proof and your attention to warning signs is the most powerful tool against hackers.

When your on a new website and a pop up appears I recommend not clicking "OK" this allows that site access to your computer right past your firewall, I know what your thinking the firewall is supposed to protect me! it does but when you click OK it figures you want this program to run and allows it access.

Well the good news is your anti-virus trusts no one and is always on the look out for danger most decent ones will detect a spyware of virus attack and warn you or delete it depending on your settings.

Some other things to look out for flashing banners saying "you won!" or any ad on the side column of Face book ,I have had trouble with my kids clicking these and then of course I had to deal with spyware running wild.

Security check point
Security check point

Types of Infections Adware,Spywaye,Malware and Vrus

There are many different ways your system can be attacked some are just bothersome while other are dangerous and destructive. Lets now look at what each of these area and why they are a threat to your family. There are many types of attacks used by hackers and criminals I have broken them done so you can better understand what your up against. My favorite FREE tool for removing syware is Spy-bot search and destroy

Ad-ware:These simple program allows companies to feed
 pop advertising and even track your surfing by viewing
 your browser cookies. Threat Low to Moderate Removed by most
 anti virus programs.

Malware & Spyware: Both of these program basically plant a spy 
 into your systems for several reasons by using key stroke
 monitors that can get passwords and other vital information 
 and allow cyber attackers to hack your entire life if 
 their good enough.Threat moderate to high can be tricky to
 completely remove.

Virus :This is the wild card being able to do anything the 
 programmer tells it too from simple annoying things like
 changing your clock to crashing your hard drive causing 
 complete data loss and anything in between.
 Threat varies low to extreme depends on the virus again 
 these can be very tricky to completely remove depending
 on the infection.

Tune up
Tune up

System upkeep and to do list

We have know covered what good security measures look like,having a quality up to date security suite is your best bet. I would caution you that the free versions internet providers like Comcast or Verizon give "free" are not as good as the ones you buy.

You would also be advised to keep your PC tuned up and most version of windows have adequate tool already built in for this. The reason windows get slower over time is clutter and lack of general up keep. The utilities you want to run every month at least are disk clean up,disk De frag,also for Identity protection clean your browser cookies and history, I also recommend using a program to clean your windows registry , this is very important because when you install or un-install a program some times bits and pieces get left behind and these are not cleaned with the normal clean up tools slowing windows down..

Complete online protection

Simply put security begins and ends with you, no matter how good a program you buy it is easy enough for hackers to get by it by using time tested tricks to get access to your system. Teaching younger users to be careful is a real good idea since they are the ones usually fooled by face book ads or cute bunnies in a banner ad saying "click me to win". The web can be a dangerous place if your not prepared to deal with hidden dangers and cheap attempts from advertisers trying to get pop up ads displaying onto your PC.


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