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Ways to use your old, unused laptop

Updated on October 31, 2013

1. Install softwares that just let you do distributed computing projects.

2. Install software that by leaving your computer turned on lets you earn a few dollar.

3. Leave it on, and let forex robots trade forex automatically.

4. Take it apart and learn how the laptop works. Buy compatible old hardware part and learn how to upgrade.

5. Try difficult operating systems, like some linux and BSD.

6. Webserver for self hosting you website that you are learning to code from scratch (HTML, etc).

7. Sell as scrap metal.

8. Automation computer (ex. sprinkler system in your garden)

9.Use it as an additional screen attached to your current laptop.

10. Make a Projector from it.

11.Carry that with you, instead of new, where it might get damaged.

12. Standard parts, (example, screws) are used in new laptops, so they can be sold as parts.

13. Attach a webcam, if it doesn't have one built in already, and use that as a mirror.

14. Have an old cheap laptop in every room of your home, so you can listen to music at a push of a button anywhere (example, while taking a shower).

15. Give it away for free to nonprofits, charities, and poor people.

16. Have a camera attached to it so your car can have rear cameras (for parking).

17. With some DIY, you can add additional USD ports to your current laptop.

18. Clock, Timer; Have a giant Clock on that take up your screen.

19. Entertaining screensavers.

20. Digital photo frames that rotate your pictures automaticaly.

21. Two old laptops attached could have multiple players playing each other at the same time.

22. Use the screen as a lamp.

23. Use them as teleconferencing stations (example with Skype).

24. Test a virus. If you want to know the affect of a virus on an unprotected computer, unleash the virus on the old laptop.

25. Rent out. For very cheap, you could rent out your old laptop

26. Offline work station. Work on this laptop, and make sure that no connections are turned on (no wifi, bluetooth, etc). Having no connection to the Internet greatly reduces the risk of getting viruses, malware, spywares, troyans and keyloggers.

27. Backup. If your current computer needs to be sent in to get repaired, you still have a working computer while your primary computer is in the repair shop.


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