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We Are About to Enter Age of the Machines, but Are We Ready?

Updated on August 3, 2017

The future indeed belongs to a machine, if we all basically stop doing just about anything and spend our days pressing buttons in leisure and meaningless stupor (kind of what we're doing right now to some extent only with robot waiters and robot sex slaves at our disposal), all jokes and wild assumptions aside the future where machines run most of world's industry, manual and repetitive, and all non creative type of work; seams all too plausible at the moment.

It is reported that by 2025 approx 1/3 of today's jobs will be replaced with a robot. Take it a step further and its not crazy to assume that by the turn of the century machines will come to occupy most if not all jobs.

The real issue is that we haven't evolved enough to embrace a future where people are liberated by a machine doing all the boring and hard tasks for us humans. We are locked into a mindset of perpetual job grind and senseless competition. Work hard and get a promotion, be ahead of the next guy, it's what life's about. Only bright glimmer or hope rests in the new generation of people, popularly referred to as 'Millennials', are vehemently growing tired of the rat race, and with new developments in politics and economics such as 'basic income' and shorter working hours, the real revolution, the one world haven't seen in a long time may be finally here.

The Millennials are screaming and demanding a real change and rightfully so. The politics is corrupt, there is no debate there. If we have a set of people running our state affairs it doesn't necessarily mean that they are the smarter or most competent 'bunch', we cowardly concede power to the most opportune amongst and its hurting us badly.

We have run up to a wall and instead of designing a way of jumping over it and be free at last, we are plucking at it with miniature spoons and complaining how hard and impossible it is.

The world's elite have run amok, amassing wealth in ridiculous heaven high stockpiles. The poor are too distracted to see how they've been had. The whole industry has been set in motion to make general population powerless and thus more willing to accept the status quo. Don't protest - you will be look down as a fool, don't demand – you will be considered spoiled and greedy.

On social media the positive 'memes' and quotes make us feel guilty for not being happy every single moment of our lives, that it doesn't matter if the world hates us, and how unjust it can be – only if we love ourselves.

The modern world is becoming more and more 'Orwellian' in nature. We know the score of the game but keep hoping in blind fate that somehow things will turn around and we'll win. We'll get our cake, with fireworks and balloons. Those forever elusive aliens will come down from the sky and change everything for the better. President of the US will stop being a puppet and make promises to keep. That powerful will give in and love will triumph.

But the 'machine' doesn't care about all that. It's waiting to programmed and to do whatever the task it's being given to do. It can build or destroy, steal our jobs or give us abundance. It is there for the taking – freedom for humans is to be found in a machine.


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