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We Are All Moving Towards a Smart Future!

Updated on April 3, 2018

If 2018 doesn’t make you stand back and think about how far we have come in the past 20 years with technology and infrastructure developments, then why not? We are an ever changing landscape of technological marvels, one that just keeps getting better and better with time, and we are all moving towards a smart future.

Let’s go back just over 20 years to when the first proper usable mobile phones started to be mass produced, it was an initial slow process to get the phones to market, and then wham! All of a sudden we all wanted one, we needed to sample this new technology that was attainable for all.


Still, just over 20 years ago the majority of businesses had desktop computers and email, but the world wide web was only just getting started, searching online for websites was unheard of, and only a handful of people were familiar with some of the then key-names like Yahoo, Amazon, and Google.

Again in the 1990’s the first smartphone, named Simon was invented, it wasn’t quite like the smartphones of today as it had a stylus, it wasn’t touch screen as we know it today, there were no apps, and it didn’t have a camera. Simon by IBM was known as a personal communicator as it was able to receive emails, faxes, and pages, yet still way off the capabilities of today’s smartphones.


Over the next few years TVs became wide screen with HD ready, and now onto 4k and beyond. Our homes are filled with gadgets and gizmos to help ease our daily grind. We have tablets, touch screens, smart kettles, and digital home assistants called Alexa and Siri. This is the new us, moving towards a smart future.

Cars are now on the production line as driverless, petrol and diesel is becoming a thing of the past for certain car manufacturers, and they now offer electric, hybrid and solar powered vehicles.


Our towns and cities are filled with smart technology and systems including; smart public transport, driverless cabs, delivery drones, mobile apps, fingerprint recognition, contactless credit cards and so much more. Our mobile devices even communicate with other devices to share data to giving us the best possible experience while in that particular town or city.

Even dining out is a smart option these days. Most forward thinking restaurants boast having apps and integrated systems that book tables, order food directly to the kitchen, automatically send newsletters and emails to customers, offer discount to lapsed customers, and then print the bill/receipt. In time we could possibly expect to see robotic servers delivering food and taking orders, they will charge overnight ready for ‘work’ the next day, much like the electronic or hybrid cars of today that need to charge before they move.

Cities around the world are gearing up for a seriously smart future!


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