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Weak Macbook Pro Wireless Signal, Increase Your Wifi Signal

Updated on October 11, 2010

So you bought your slick new macbook pro. You dig the silver casing, but the wireless signal is weak. You think the weak signal might be just a fluke. It keeps happening. You think the macbook pro might be getting just as much wireless signal as everyone else. Then you see others working on the net where you cannot get on. Or worse, you bring out your old dinosaur computer and it has a stronger wifi signal than your macbook pro! What is going on! Is this normal? (Yes) Can the macbook pro airport signal be strengthened? (Yes) 

Why Macbook Pro Has Weak Wifi

Macbook pro is made of metal. Look at the casing. The nice silver cover is the aluminum used to make the clamshell encasement. It looks nice. It is more environmentally friendly than the polycarbonate macbooks. The only problem is, alluminum deflects wifi signals. The signals are not received as well simply because of the material of the machine. The clutch (that rubbery bit on the hinge) is transparent to wifi signals, but that is a small space indeed. Now you know why the macbook pro has a weak wifi signal. Now what can you do about it?

Options for Stronger Wifi Signal

1. Get a more powerful router. If you are mostly concerned with reception in your own home, you can always increase your router's power. This will give you better signal for all computers, but may just lift your macbook pro's signal from intermittent to steady in that out of the way place you like to get on the net. 

2. Buy a repeater or range increaser. This works if you are sharing wireless with a friend or neighbor (with their permission!!) and you need to boost the signal. You will of course need to know the particulars of their system and any encryption. 

3. Purchase a usb adapter wifi booster. These little devices can be all you need to increase your wifi range wherever you work with your macbook pro. Simply plug it into your usb port on your macbook in any wifi cafe or hotspot and your signal will get an automatic boost. Especially if you are receiving the signal, but it is weak this works very well. 

4. A few miscellaneous tips would also include: keep the clutch clear of obstruction, avoid blocking the signal with clunky metal objects, and steer clear of signal-interering devices (microwave ovens and wireless technology in general). 


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    • helpingfriends profile image

      helpingfriends 7 years ago from Midwest

      I have a macbook pro and the wireless is definitely weak. now I know why. I guess I need to head out and get a wireless usb adapter. Thanks!