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Wearable Authentication Technology

Updated on November 17, 2014
The wearable barcode
The wearable barcode
The wristband
The wristband

Every few months, there is a massive hacking of some computer system and millions of credit card numbers and personal data is stolen. The hackers tend to sell this info to the nefarious groups located in eastern Europe or Russia. These groups seek to spam or attempt to steal financial data or bank accounts from those individuals. While most of these incidents occur to retail giants, they also happen in the medical, transportation and energy sectors. Even the most secured combine three methods to authenticate:

1. A password (only the person knows), 2. An access card (usually a debit\credit card) and 3. a fingerprint (used in the most sophisticated systems). In the world of general public, items 1 and 2 are the extant of the security and authentication. Most agree that the password is the weak link because many owners use predictable combinations across many services because of too many passwords to recall.

To combat this, many companies have developed technologies that makes the owner of the card even more personal. One, is a wearable, portable SIM that incorporates a SIM, NFC and bluetooth scan code a person wears on their body. It would be used to authenticate the use of a credit card, cell phone use, unlocking doors, starting cars and any activity where security is an issue. The barcode code be put in their left or right hand. The bar code is imprinted on a thin wearable, flexible, plastic film and is waterproof. Instead of using a credit cars, one could simply pass their hand over the scanning device to make a purchase. Without the use of this device, hackers would not be able to hack because of the personal info needed to authenticate from remote locations. Another device is similar to a wristband, but uses a person's actual ECG waveform of their heart, unique to every person on earth making any hacking impossible. This is the biometric method of authentication. The only drawback is what happens if the wristband is lost. If lost, or removed, the authentication process fails and is useless to others since the waveform is different in everyone. These new methods prevent hackers from intercepting the authentication process by using new, faster, advanced microchips.

The wearable technology reminds me of the Book of Revelation's prediction that in the End Times, when the Antichrist controls the world's financial banks and forces every one to have a prefix of 666 before their identification number. It is suppose to be in the left or right hand and allows one to buy or sell anything. Without it, you cannot.

This new technology is needed and one can see how it could be also used in the End Times.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago

      Thanks for reading!

    • profile image 3 years ago

      Definitely worth a look at. I would think an implant eventually will identify us all and we would need a trusted group who could also access stuff in an emergency. Thanks Perrya