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Wearsafe: A Panic Button Turned App

Updated on December 8, 2015

During the Annual Disrupt New York hackathon the winning hack was a mobile app called Witness, which looked to bring the panic button into the mobile industry. The only fault described by the company is what individuals would do in situations where they were unable to fumble with starting an app.

This is where Wearsafe Labs enters, the Connecticut based startup company pitched a solution. A companion app to accompany Witness allowing the user to choose a handful of contacts who can talk in a group chat in order to figure out what kind of help you’ll need.

The target audience surrounds: firstly, American college and university students concerned with sexual assault; and secondly individuals with active lifestyles as reassurance that they can summon help if they were in distress.

The Wearsafe system comes with two separate components: A tag that the individual can wear that will link to their smartphones via bluetooth enabling to locate the button pressers location to the handful of network of contacts; and the capability to stream audio to let alerte people listen within the vicinity, and whether they should call emergency services or not.

If you’re a concerned parent reading this wondering if you can use this app to keep tabs on your kids, the answer’s no. Wearsafe’s hardware isn’t continuously tracking the user's location, it only sends infor to the pre-selected contacts when the button is pressed. This device is perfect for the younger crowd who want to be cautious of being tracked without their knowledge.

The app is still in the prototype phase and the company is finalizing their IOS version and beginning to work on the Andorid version. Production is expected to start in late August and begin shipping in September. Waresafe will send its IOS version to Apple in September and hopefully expecting approval before October. The team has an ultimate goal of supporting their own range as well as third party Bluetooth low energy devices so users will have options to choose from.

These discrete devices allow users to alert help without drawing attention to themselves therefore not making the situation worse. Unlike typical software only apps, Wearsafe users don’t need to directly interact with their mobile device with the ability of being up to 200 ft away and still request help.

Wearsafe requires users to pay $4.99 for a monthly subscription service, as well as buying the hardware tags for a free lifetime subscription starting at $40.

the almost invisible device could be the future of risk-alert technology, and at a seemingly affordable price anyone who wants it can have it.



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