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Weather Apps that Pack a Power Punch

Updated on April 27, 2015

What do most of the common folk do with the weather apps? Download them, skim through them once or twice a day when they inspect the temperature, may be check out a couple of forecasts and then shut them down. While simultaneously, there exists an ardent species of humans at some places on Earth which takes a fancy to the smartphone apps that do a whole range of mind-boggling wonders in presenting accurate and aesthetically well-comprised details about meteorological phenomena. The apps market is literally bombarded with an entire brigade of weather apps which makes it a ted taxing for the users to choose the one that suits their needs. So, I am going to help you by narrowing down a list of such weather apps that include something for everyone; a win-win situation for all; for the weather geeks as well as for the not-so-weather-savvy persons.

The Weather Channel

This is an Android and iOS app that promises to offer loads of minute weather details to the users such as forecasts at different intervals of time, dew point, pressure, wind speed, humidity etc. You can even get access to graphs, maps, Flu and Pollen data via this app.


Available for both iOS and Android platforms, AccuWeather contains information regarding a whole gamut of weather conditions ranging from a basic to a quite advanced level. MinuteCast is its exclusive feature that predicts the weather right down to the minute.


In addition to weather updates, this Android and iOS app makes its way into this list because of the lovely interface, graphics, animations, live backgrounds and screen widgets that make the app a great fun to use.

Dark Sky

If you are only interested in knowing when is the rain going to come and you are going to need an umbrella or put on your favorite sombrero, then this iOS app does precisely this for you. It even lets you follow the extreme weather events closely; observing their patterns, their rise and fall.

GO Weather

An Android app geared towards providing information about sunrise, sunset, probability of precipitation and much more. Its slick design and intuitive interface has a lot to offer to the weather bourgeoise.


Finally, this is an iOS app that offers a blend of accurate hyperlocal and hardcore weather data and accompanying subtle animations. The app’s distinct feature are the high resolution weather radar maps brimming with wealth of information for the weather enthusiasts.


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