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Sewing is Free.

Updated on February 7, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Knitting and Weaving.Apparel & Embroidery

Knitting Industry and Knitting Machinery Manufacturers have done remarkable progress and contribution super fast compared to weaving in modern superbest machines.

Weaving Machines of the 90's are still working while the knitting machines are now more sophisticated with built in design and with ready to wear fabrics.

Fabrics woven on any machine need sewing and this is on traditional methods with your own family tailor or in most modern apparel dress making machines.

Fabrics knitted are mostly for under garments and T Shirts.New Fashion dress material knitted and seamless and ready to wear are also made.

Fabrics woven or knitted are for both gents and lady's.

In many uses of woven fabrics knitting is not possible such as Jeans and Industrial Fabrics.

All most all knitted fabrics can be woven but its not possible to weave some knitted fabrics as you can view on the website:-

The Apparel Industry might have made a big contribution to weaving industry but not to knitting industry.

Like in good old days people would wait for the fabrics they buy to be taken to their family tailor and wear the stitched dress material as and when the tailor could deliver.

Those were the days then but not now. People want things done at the push of a button.Its here the knitting Industry has come progressing super fast and its here the Apparel Industry has entered in a big way to help the weaving industry.

One simple grand ma type sewing machine can make any outer or inner wear dress material from a woven fabric but the knitting Industry has to use a different type of sewing machine for any outer or inner wear material.

The type of dress material hand knitted by Grand Ma cannot  be woven or knitted on seamless fashion designed power driven Knitting Machines.

The Weaving Industry and The Knitting Industry have contributed enormously to mankind and both the Industries have progressed themselves in technology and human resources.

Not to be forgotten is the Apparel Industry who have joined the Weaving Industry.

Not the least is the Embroidery Industry who have done equally well in their sphere and contributed to the Textile Industry.


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    • CYBERSUPE profile image

      CYBERSUPE 7 years ago from MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A.

      WOW Skgrao, very interesting and informative. I really learned something new in this Hub. Good Luck!