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SEO using a disavow file

Updated on July 17, 2015

What is a disavow file?

A disavow file is a clear txt file that is being created from you (manually and automatically) in order to be uploaded to Google disavow tool.

The structure of the file is:

So you save that file like disavow_15-07-2015.txt and you upload it.

So simple and powerful!

clear bad links

Bad Link Cleaner
Bad Link Cleaner

Files to download

Disavow File
Clear bad links for Google
BLOCK all traffic from that links
Files to download

Download the Disavow File

You can total free download the file at

If you also subscribe to newsletter, you will be informed ASAP the file is updated.

The Disavow File content

How Bad are the toxic backlinks for your website?

Have your rankings in Google lost some keywords positions?

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