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Web Hosting Right For You?

Updated on April 12, 2009

What exactly Is Web Hosting

If you are new to designing and setting up web sites that you may not know exactly what web hosting is. Here I will explain to you exactly what it is and how you can set up a web hosting website.

You should be pretty familiar with the world wide web which is a network of computers from all over the world connected by a series of networks.. In case you didnt know, your own computer is considered a network because it is connected to the internet and accesses the networks. All the computers in the world communicate with one another by using the network. All the computers use standard communcation called http. Http is the language that all the computers use to communicate with one another. IE. You are communicating with this computer by http standard language.

What the web does and how it affects you.

In the previous paragraph I explained what to you what the web is in this paragraph I will explain what happens in the web. The internet is a gigantic network that uses documents that are stored and when accessed they appear to you as web sites. These documents are encoded in a code called html. When the internet first started many many years ago in order to set up a website you needed to know html code in order to process a webpage. Now a days web sites have built in website editors that you can either enter the html code or you can drag and click to set up the web page. These webpages are stored on computers and are called web servers. When you and I access a web page we are called web clients. We are the clients clicking on web sites to access what it is that we are looking for and will continue to be clients as we click on more and more websites. Web Clients (You and I) access the website servers thru programs called web browsers. We use programs called either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer by Microsoft.

The internet web pages affect your computer because everytime you click on a link information is saved to your computer thru what is called a cookie. Your computer will also save this information in what is called the history area of your browser. If you fail to erase your history on a daily basis depending on how many web sites you are actually viewing on a daily basis it will slow your connection down and will also slow how your processer works to view the pages you are trying to access. If you do not have a program to protect you from backdoors and worms any one can access your personal data and can use it to steal your identity or log into your personal data by stealing passwords and bank account information. I strongly suggest that you install a program asap if you dont already have one installed. I personally like using Microsofts Live One Care Support Center. It has built in firewalls and virus protectors. You can go right to Microsofts web site to download your personal trial good for 90 days.

Fetching a website.

In order for you to access websites your computer must first send a fetch request to access that website from that persons Website server. A request is sent thru the url by sending a standard http url language. The http is called a a page address such as Microsofts web address is  If you try to access a website thru http and it a secured website and you do not have permission to access that particular website you will be given a http denial website code that will tell you that you do not have permission to access this persons website and if you have been given this message in error you will need to contact the websites webmaster  to correct the problem.

How Does a website display its contents?

In order for a browser to display a website it must first contain instructions for display. The web browser must first read the instructions in order to sort it out to send it to your computer for your web browser to display the web page. The most common website language used to display the information is used in html tags. These tags are a specific language as I explained in a earlier paragraph. Html language tags look somewhat like this, <p>This is a paragraph html code</p> end of paragraph. This is how the websites are set up and then this code is in turn displayed to your web browser in the form of a website page.

The series of all your web pages on a server is called a web site. In order for other people to access your website you must first publish a website and can either publish a website by either using a program called Microsoft Frontpage or Another program that you may like better. After setting up your webpage in the program by arranging your page you will save it on your own computer and then upload all the information to the web server host of your choice. Your computer can act as your own personal web host as long as you are connected the internet by your own network. It is the most common network used is called a internet service provider. These internet service providers can be AOL Or other Internet service providers (ISP) that you will find in your city or area code.

A Internet Service Provider Provides you with access to the internet by allowing you to use their services to log on to the internet by giving you a username and password that their server will require you to enter when prompted before connecting to the internet. A common service that you can access on the internet is called web hosting.  In order to web host you will need to upload your information on a public web server and store your information there. With the right web hosting plan you can have your own personal web site emails that you will set up with the web hosting service provider that you have choosen. If you choose to create your own website hosting web page you will be asked to create your own personal web site domain address. While setting up your own personal web domain you will want to use something catchy but that is not that long or hard for someone to remember. You will want to do a search to see if the particular website domain that you are wanting to use is already taken.

If you choose to use a web site hosting service some sites dont require you to pay any money IE. Free Web site hosting but with this option you will not be able to create your own personal web site domain with out using something with their name inbedded in the web address. But you will have a easier time setting up this page because most have a instant set up page builder but will also not allow you to create your own personal web site email addresses either. If you are looking to make money using a web site hosting option you will want to set up an account thru a website hosting company such as GoDaddy or another website hosting plan. You will be asked to create a personal website domain and will pay a small fee to create your domain address. After you pay this fee for a year you will be asked which options you will want to host your web page. The more services you add the more you are going to pay, However the price differance I have found was not that much more. Alot of programs that you will want to use to make some money online such as googles adsense programs dont typically allow you to use the free web hosting programs and sites to make money online. I would always suggest that you do your research before choosing what option is best for you before setting up a website. It always best to know what you are going into before creating it and not generating any traffic to your site or generating revenue to your website. There is also tips and tricks that many pages will show you on how to successfully create a website that is easily viewed that will want to make people come and visit your page more and more. There are certain google ads that you will want to use and certain areas that you will want to display the ads that will create you the most revenue possible. If you do your research before attempting to create a website on webhosting server there will be ways to make money efficiently and easily. This is not by far a get rich quick scam as there is no such thing as get rich quick. You must always put time and effort in before reaching a goal.

I hope that all the information on this page was informational for you and helps you to understand. Check back often as I add more and more hubs.


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