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Web-Series: "Unrelated"

Updated on September 3, 2013
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HL Keeley has received a Bachelors degree in middle grade education. She is currently teaching high school.

Cast from Left To Right: Melanie Hinkle, Jessica Yuppa, Ryan Stacy, Adam Casner,  Andrew Binger, and Madison Sylvester.
Cast from Left To Right: Melanie Hinkle, Jessica Yuppa, Ryan Stacy, Adam Casner, Andrew Binger, and Madison Sylvester. | Source

A Changing Future For Media

Web series are the new growing sensation on YouTube. With the hit of the FineBro’s MyMusic series, more content creators are using YouTube as their platform to broadcast their series. YouTube in the beginning was a place to broadcast your talents to the world, but now it has grown into a profession. When asked in school what you want to be when you grow up, no one is my classes said, “I want to be a professional vlogger.” At the time, “vlogger” did not even exist. Hence this new media outlet changing the way we view content.

On August 25, the trailer for a new web series called “Unrelated” aired on Vimeo. I stumbled across this project because a few of my friends that I went to school with in New Jersey are taking parts on screen and behind the scenes of the filming process. “Unrelated” will air on September 4!

"Morning" Trailer (Please watch before continuing!)

“Unrelated” Trailer: Morning

One of the things that fascinated about the trailer is that the trailer has a title. Is “Morning” the first episode’s name or the trailer’s name? It is a very fitting title for a trailer.

The trailer begins with an alarm set at 6:59 am and all I am thinking about is how that clock will be destroyed if it was on my side table. The alarm is set to a very perk, caffeinated radio announcer who ends with a nice little ad about “Club soda fixes a broken heart.” That ad is definitely directed to teenagers/ young adults.

The trailer is 3:37 running time. YouTube content usually does at least eight minutes for a full length feature, so it makes me wonder how long each “episode” will be or will it be “mini-sodes” like other YouTube content of around 8 minutes running time?

Based on Facebook and following the “Unrelated” series, I knew that the series focuses on six very different people living together in one house. That is basically all I knew and still know. I have no idea about the plot line and even how they are in this situation. The trailer gives no indication of this at all which leads me to....

Six Very Different, Stereotypical Characters (Judging from Trailer)

As of right now, we have six different characters.

Charlie: (portrayed by Ryan Stacy) The groggy morning person who watches the weather with a cup of coffee is “normal” looking clothes. There is not much to say about his character except that he is just like me in the morning: disoriented. When he tries to open the doors, it made me chuckle because I would do that!

Tiffany: (portrayed by Madison Sylvester) This character made me laugh. She is so completely outrageous, in a good way. She just finishes brushing her teeth. Her hair looks perfect, but she is like “okay looks good” then starts whipping her hair all around back to how it started with just an added bit of mess. The best part of the trailer is after doing this hair scene, at 7 in the morning, she is gazing out the window with brushing the mess out of her hair. Not the best part yet, you can tell she is distracted by the man next door and her brush gets stuck in her hair. What can she do? The most logical thing is to put the brush in the sports bra and pretend like it never happened.

Nico: (portrayed by Adam Casner) He is the jock in this scenario if I am going to put a label on the characters. He is up at 7 am lifting a kettle ball. Being the multi-tasker, he is also putting a whole bottle of gel in his hair and keeping himself cool with water.

Raven: (portrayed by Jessica Yuppa) Raven is the goth. She has the blackclothes selection, heavy makeup, and a voodoo doll. She is the roommate I would fear because if I upset her in the slightest, that voodoo doll would be me.

Russel: (portrayed by Andrew Binger) I am going to fall in love with this character. I know it! The first time we see him he is in the shower singing in his soap which he drops. I do not know why, but I died laughing. The second time we see him he is singing into a hair comb. This guy is a 20 something year old black man and I am just seeing a ten year old little girl on the screen.

Shay: (portrayed by Melanie Hinkle) The only logical character in the whole trailer is asleep at 7 am! Aside from Charlie, all these other characters are fresh eyed and awake. Let me step back though, the only way Shay is waking up though is by getting a hit from her bowl and that’s where we differ. She is smart though because she slept in her clothes, so she just has to get up, brush her teeth, and go.

Featuring: Zach Ferrara as Zach

Mike Gencarelli as Mailman Mike

I really love these two characters. Neighbor Zack appears to be the love interest for Tiffany. He has a professional demeanor wearing his office clothes and giving an acknowledging wave to the young adults in their jeep. Mailman Mike does the same. I think these two characters will really help in the development of the characters in the house and give us a connection to the outside world.

Cast from Left to Right: Adam Casner, Jessica Yuppa, Ryan Stacy, Andrew Binger, Melanie Hinkle, and Madison Sylvester
Cast from Left to Right: Adam Casner, Jessica Yuppa, Ryan Stacy, Andrew Binger, Melanie Hinkle, and Madison Sylvester | Source

“Unrelated” Relatable

While titled “Unrelated,” you may have noticed that I could not completely self-identify into these stereotypical characters, but I was able to relate to a few. I am like I am like Shay because at 7 am I will be asleep. If I have to wake up, I will be like Charlie. When I was ten years old, I was Russel. This is only the trailer! Once the series starts, I truly believe the characters, outrageous as they are, will be identifiable to the audience. They will be completely lovable and in my opinion will be breaking the stereotype once we learn more about them. My biggest hope for that is Raven. Why is she in such a dark place? It is these questions that make me want to watch the series. It was those little “giggle” moments that connected me to the character.

This trailer is on Vimeo, but I really think it needs to be on YouTube. It needs to get hyped up to be successful!

Being that this is a YouTube content Hub, I need to end in proper YouTube style!

“Thank you guys so much for reading this Hub. If you liked what you read please give it a THUMBS UP! *insert me doing the thumbs up* Share, Fan me, and Comment Below about your reaction to the trailer. Don’t forget to like Hypokrite films on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channels. Links below *insert me pointing at the air below me*”

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