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Cheap Web hosting

Updated on June 16, 2009

Making the Most of One’s Advertising and Marketing Budget


Whether one is setting up a new business or simply looking for a way to carve out some savings for an existing one, cheap web hosting is a great way to promote one’s business. Unfortunately, finding the best cheap webhost for one’s needs is not always as easy as it sounds. To help secure cheap web hosting in one’s business, think about what CARDS are needed in one’s advertising and marketing game plan.

 The CARDS of Finding Cheap Web Hosting:

These CARDS will play an important part in the search for cheap web hosting.

C-Cost is an important factor of any business venture. Cheap web hosting can cost as little as $5 a month (sometimes one can even get web hosting for free). Many times the initial start-up fee is higher (often around $20), but the additional months will be much less.

A-Assessment of one’swebsite needs may vary depending on the products and services being promoted. Basic requirements usually include e-mail, databases, free domain registration, website builders and extensions.

R-Reliability is an important factor for one’s website as it will reflect on the company. Even though one is using a cheap web hosting service, having a reliable website is still reasonable expectation. There are several features to look into regarding reliability. They are:

  • How much tech support will one have? Tech support will be an important aspect of maintaining one’s website. Ideally tech support should be available all the time—day or night.
  • How much uptime is there? Uptime is how much time the site is up. Obviously, it is desirable to have a site with the best possible uptime. Don’t settle for less than 95%.
  • How much bandwidth is there? Bandwidth is the measure of how much traffic is allowed to come and go on the site.
  • How much control will one have of the site? As one will want to be able to make changes without being required to work through a customer service representative, be sure to have the control needed for website management.

D-Data transfer and disk space involves how much information one can store and how much can be moved to or from the site.

S-Scripts and special features include an assortment of items that make a website all one may need or want. Scripts are features like photo galleries of one’s products, shopping cart, buttons, and other items that will make the site user-friendly.

Cheap webhosting is a fantastic way to make the most of an advertising and marketing budget. Most of them can be relied on for quality, security and substantial storage capacity. Talk to other business owners, visit some web host chat rooms or online forums to get their recommendations. Before long, it will be possible to have a great looking website without spending more money than one can afford.


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