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Webcam Software and Free Webcam Software

Updated on August 15, 2011

WebCam Free Software

As you may know from one of my recent hubs I have been experimenting with Webcam software to produce a BlogTV channel, today I have discovered a great piece of free webcam software which will leave you thinking 'How could I be so primitive with video software? Richie really knows his stuff!'.

As you can see from the screen shots above, Webcam Max has given me the ability to place borders around me whilst I am broadcasting live and this really helps to draw in viewers because it makes it seem as though I am hosting an authentic channel. However, you are limited to the free trial version which displays the Webcam Max website address above you, this is not a major problem unless you are already famous.

Logitech Webcam Software

The Logitech webcam software which came as standard with my webcam didn't really have any special effects or functions for broadcasting. As you can see above, it is still possible to display the animations that come with Webcam Max and hold a Cohosted broadcasting like I did with a young Swedish girl.

The list of free functions available with this webcam software are amazing, you are able to draw freehand on screen, record your desktop, upload pictures or video clips and even distort your face.

Windows Webcam Software

I have given a closer look at the features of this software in the screen shot above, one other facility available includes background images which give a sense of excitement rather than the usual blank wall you might have behind your desk.

The software is immensely sophisticated in terms of movement capturing, you can use effects such as placing funny glasses which will follow your eyes around the screen or other jewellery and clothing.

Other Useless Sound Drivers
Other Useless Sound Drivers

Windows 7 Webcam Software

In the picture above we can see some of the audio software I tried because I wanted to stream what I was playing through my speakers along with my webcam software, I didn't want music from my speakers to be picked up by my microphone because the quality is distorted.

Usually with Windows 7 there is an option under control panel and 'Sound' which you can select 'Stereo Mix' but with Toshiba laptops Conexant audio driver has disabled this. The best way I have found to get around this is to download a 'Line 1' imitator.


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