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Website Builders: Myths and Objections

Updated on September 2, 2015

Many people are hesitant to use online website builders like Wix or Weebly for a number of reasons. They think that the site will look unprofessional, or that starting a website will be expensive - but neither of these ideas are true.

Website builders did have some serious usability and reliability issues in the past, but they’ve all been addressed in the modern era - today, online site builders are being used not only by non-techies, but also power users, professionals and design teams.

I’ve noticed some recurring themes when it comes to misconceptions about website builders, and decided to address the top 5 below:

Myth 1: They create ugly, generic sites

With a modern site builder, you can start either with a ready template from a template library, or you can start with a blank canvas. While it’s obvious that your template will be used by hundreds of other users, your design possibilities are nearly endless. The way your template looks when you choose it from the marketplace is just the beginning - you can completely rebuild it to meet your personal needs. You can change literally anything: backgrounds, buttons, colors, animation effects etc. using the builder’s visual interface.

Wix templates
Wix templates

Myth 2: Creating a website s a huge time commitment

Thanks goodness, this is no longer the case. Website builders offer everything you need to create a site under the same roof: you get a theme, domain, hosting and a website builder all in one place. Depending on how complex you want your website to be, it can often be done in a few hours.

Check out how easy creating a website can be:

Myth 3: Website builders are expensive

False! Website builders are cheaper than the standard website building model where you have to get a domain, hosting and web designer separately. Not only is this model costly, but also very confusing. With a website builder, you get everything you need for about $4-$5 a month. Looking for added functionality? You can add it as you go by selecting a package that fits your needs.

Myth 4: They limit your abilities

It depends. Practically everything you can do with CSS and HTML in code can be done in a visual interface of a site builder. But if your project requires massive custom coding, make sure you choose a site builder that lets you open up and tweak the generated source code.

Myth 5: The final product doesn’t always work

Most website builders are in-browser applications, which means you’ll be creating a website in the same medium as the final product is going to be used in. Besides, you can always preview your website across different devices - just click the Preview button (every site builder has one), choose the desired mode (desktop, tablet, mobile) and see what your site will look like when published.

Final thoughts

Website builders make things easier while also saving your money. You won’t create another Amazon or Facebook with them, there’s no doubt. But they will surely handle a blog, portfolio, business site or a webstore.

Have you experimented with site builders lately? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 2 years ago from Central Florida

      I built my website on Weebly. Never having attempted this before, I found it quite user friendly for a non-technical person. The annual rates are reasonable, too. I saved a lot of money by not outsourcing.