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Website Content vs SEO Content - What's the difference

Updated on May 25, 2013

What kind of content are you looking for?

What is your purpose- What is your need?

Before you write it, make sure you know what you are writing it for, because the way you consider and write SEO content is much different that you consider and write general web content.
Before you write it, make sure you know what you are writing it for, because the way you consider and write SEO content is much different that you consider and write general web content.

The Demand of Online Content Writing!

Content Writing may be the most pivotal element within Website Development and SEO Services. Without effective content, regardless of the type, Website Design Companies could not provide effective services to clients without Content. What content constitutes as is the different variety of data available on the internet, which includes video, pictures and text. Content is also used to relay information to your target audience in such ways as writing an application, which must be credible and contain appropriate information to relay, guide, teach and show the audience/user the worth of its functions as well as the overall purpose and benefit of the website, application or article.

Marketing needs Online Content Creation of all Kinds

Due to the wide spread need for reputable and beneficial content, content writing has become one of the most significant areas of the internet marketing sector. Content Writing has grown in importance so much that it is now considered a separate entity, just as Designers, Developers, Programmers and Marketing Professionals are. Content Writers are the providers of a much needed service due to the constantly expanding internet and the ever growing need that businesses have to be known online. It is no longer enough to simply have a website, your website must have the ability to stand up to your competitions websites.

Within the Web Design and Development Industry, Content Writing can be separated into two separate categories, Website Content and SEO Based Content. Many less knowing professionals often combined the two, assuming that they are the same. This is no where near a true statement, and should never be considered the same type of content. Each has rules which are followed to insure that they are a benefit to the processes of Website Development and Acceptance by the Public and/or by Search Engines.

These days- there are two types of content...

Have we seen the end of printed material?
Have we seen the end of printed material? | Source

What is in the Content of your Website?

Website content is often very relaxed, meaning that the rules of writing Website Content are as simple as following the rules of Elementary Grammar and Basic Writing Composition. A website content writer must be accurate and precise, while using simple lamer term to address a point and to make a statement. Simplicity matters within Website Content because we want a website to be of use and of benefit to the mass majority of the population in order to entice more users and potential clients to continue onward within the site. It is important to use relevant Headings, Subheadings and Captions so the user does not become confused and frustrated. A confusing, unorganized or repetitive website will not only, not help your business, but will unfortunately harm it, and its online presence. Many Content Writers are for the most part, casual with word usage and sentence structure-making the content more relatable to the average user.

The Difference in SEO Content vs. Website Content

SEO based content writing is very different than website content writing. The purpose of SEO Content is to drive traffic for targeted online promotions and/or to generate beneficial leads and a beneficial audience. SEO Content is where all those terms that we hear so often, come into account. Terms such as; Key Words, Tags, Headers and Search Terms, become imperative to integrate into the webpage to create a page that is relevant to your service and industry and beneficial to the business. A large part of optimizing a website has to do with optimizing the content and integrating the appropriate ‘word or phrase’ for the major Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to consider the optimized webpage a relevant match, when a user enters the search term into the search engine.

ENTER into Online Content Generation

Tip for your SEO Writing

When writing for SEO purpose, the writer must keep the significant importance of key words and phrases. The writer should set up the keywords within relevant content in order to grab the attention of users with the webpages content quickly. Such areas of the initial content on a webpage such as the, title tag (look at the top of your browser, the very top- you should see the title tag which describes the page which you are on) . The Content should also contain the key search terms that will result in placing the webpage at the top of Search Engines. SEO Content has one major fowl within the industry, which is the copy and paste of content from another website (whether it is owned by the writer or not). Copied Content is frowned upon by Google and other leading Search Engines. Copying Content will result in a website losing its credibility, diminishing its ranking on the results pages of Search Engines.

Regardless of the type of writing, whether it is basic Website Content or SEO Content, Content Writing is amongst the most significant components and aspects on the World Wide Web. Without someone producing Content, Website Design and Development Services as well as SEO Services could not profit or survive. Content says so much about whom you are and what you offer; guaranteeing you will be noticed on the World Wide Web, no matter your subject matter, and no matter the website- all content is good content as long as it is original, and of value to the reader; even if it cannot be considered optimized.



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    • H.C Porter profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Lone Star State

      Thanks for the feedback- As you know, the world of SEO is constantly evolving, it is hard to keep up with the latest tactics and rule book. I know if this wasnt what I did day in and day out- I wouldnt be able to keep up either.

    • ArnicaK profile image

      Arnica Kala 

      5 years ago from India (Mussoorie)

      A very informative topic to read about, as some how I belong to the same job thing :)


      Awesome Hub Useful...:)

    • H.C Porter profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lone Star State


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      very nice topic and useful too. and i need this type of tips ..even i have some good computer tricks...

    • Trinity M profile image

      Trinity M 

      7 years ago

      Very interesting hub. I use both forms and I agree with your definitions. Well written and nicely explained.

    • penlady profile image


      7 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      Very informative hub. A novice in SEO and web content writing can easily learn from this hub. Voted up and useful.

    • sandrabusby profile image

      Sandra Busby 

      7 years ago from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

      Thanks, H.C., for this information. Voted up, useful and shared.

    • Mark Knowles profile image

      Mark Knowles 

      7 years ago

      I would have to somewhat disagree with your assessment here. Things started changing Feb 2011, and the lines between web/seo content have started to blur quite considerably. I now find that it is very possible to "over-optimize" SEO content and one is far better now using content that adds value rather than simply keywords.

      I now no longer distinguish between the 2 and I only use"web" content for my SEO purposes. I think people will eventually understand this - and I think this will become a "good" thing. What it means is - I now pay a lot more for "SEO" content than I used to because it is almost impossible to find ESL writers capable of writing this sort of content whereas before they could work a list of keywords into an article.

    • GoForTheJuggler profile image

      Joshua Patrick 

      7 years ago from Texas

      I am so grateful for hubs like this. Months and years would pass before I figured a lot of this stuff out, if at all. Keep up the good work!

    • bluegrassstudios profile image


      7 years ago from NEW YORK, USA

      Website content is information about the website for users. SEO Content is for users and specifically from a search engine perspective.SEO content is used to promote the website based on keywords commonly used to search for the website.

    • moonlake profile image


      7 years ago from America

      Great hub and information I can uderstand. It is all very confusing but your hub is a lot of help. Voted Up...

    • tammyswallow profile image


      7 years ago from North Carolina

      This is so well written and easy to understand! I am finally understanding te value of SEO and content based articles. This is very clear and helpful!

    • cabmgmnt profile image


      7 years ago from Northfield, MA

      Thanks for explaining the difference, it can all be very confusing.

    • lindalou1963 profile image


      7 years ago from Texas

      I am so glad I found this hub! I learned some much needed information that I plan to utilize. Excellent. Thanks so much for posting!

    • georgescifo profile image


      7 years ago from India

      optimized content is always better than just placing plain content on your website. Optimized website content helps you in ranking your website for relevant keywords and attract relevant visitors.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Your SEO info here is priceless Holly, I love how you display your image content here, and it shows in fact that you understand how to present a web page to the audience, which helps in your website's optimization today as well.

      Your so right that search engines can detect the presence of such things as keywords and all, also image content as well, video to, and any related relevant info being transcribed onto them, and especially when you annotate images with a relevant link reference, as well as details as to what its about.

      Many folks have no clue about these sorts of things today. This makes your hub super important for us content writers.

      I myself enjoy developing websites, but I have also mistaken SEO content, from Website content its an easy mistake to commit, you know.

      Awesome hub here, and voted up on many levels and its getting shared for sure.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      7 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I do both for pay and I could not summarize them any better myself...probably much worse. Great job Holly; I'm sure this hub will help quite a few people.


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