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Website Design Templates: Web Designing Made Easy

Updated on January 31, 2015

Today, it is difficult to imagine a business entity or a professional firm without web presence. Same goes with Government organizations, not-for-profit concerns, educational institutions, associations, and so on. There is also an increasing trend towards individuals maintaining their personal blogs or websites that are often shared with certain groups of people. The factors that have contributed towards the spurt in number of websites include the increase in convenience and decrease in costs associated with web designing. You no longer have to seek professional web designers to create your site; web design templates will do the job for you. Nevertheless, design templates are not likely to kill web designing as a profession; rather, they cater to a different segment of customers with price constraints. Even the web designers can use them to derive creative inspiration or may customize and use them if they are under time constraints.

What are website design templates?

These are pre-designed web pages that can be used as such or after customization as per preference. They can be easily obtained from a number of web-based vendors, some of which offer free templates. Often, the websites that offer templates also provide stock photos, clip art, graphics etc., which may be used replace the elements in the pre-designed template. However, the design flexibility is not same in all cases. For instance, some templates allow alteration in background colors and images, while others may not.

Why to buy website design templates if they can be obtained for free?

Indeed, there should be enough reasons to spend money on something that is also available freely elsewhere. One obvious reason is the type of designs. The paid templates carry highly professional look complete with the right kind of graphics, color schemes, and structure. Secondly, most of the paid templates are compatible with leading web designing software, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, and allow HTML editing. This may not be true for the free designs. Thirdly, in most likelihood, you may have to attribute (through a link at the bottom of the pages) your freely obtained templates to the original source, while no such attribution backlinks are required if you purchase the license for a particular design.

Where to buy website templates?

Some of the better known websites offering page designs are:

  • Dream Template. This website scores over others due to its competitive pricing, wide variety of options, flexibility of structure, simple account setup, and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • A website with similar offerings, it also provides WordPress themes and business card templates. It has various pricing options to cater to different price points.
  • eCommerce Templates. This site offers some graphical content downloadable without any charge, e.g. spry tabbed panels, HTML editor files, buy and checkout graphics, product review icons, etc. It also has alliance with some major hosting service providers. The customers have the option to choose hosting providers suggested by eCommerce Template or their own services.
  • PageLines. The website offers WordPress themes. It provides free themes also that are suitable for creating a blog. The paid services are divided into Pro and Developer versions. The Developer version includes bbPress forum addon and theme graphics (.ai file).

Other websites for design templates are PhotoShelter, Headway Themes, StudioPress, etc.


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    • havardcooper profile image

      havardcooper 6 years ago

      There are some website also that provide free templates which are paid in other websites. Not having much idea but ones i found when i was searching in google.