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Website value calculators

Updated on February 26, 2013

Website value calculators

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Online business is very popular these days and it is worthy to have your own website. If the question of selling the website arises then it is important to know its actual worth. You want to sell your website or you want to earn profit, in both situations it is important to know its actual worth. There are so many website value calculator tools that are used to calculate its value. Most website owners are not aware about these calculators. There are many factors that are important for calculating the performance of a website.

Specifically, the value of a website depends on its online entity rather than the financial value of the company which runs it. Another major factor to consider a website's value is how much income it can generate in a definite time period. These calculators enable the owners to make right decision by having the knowledge of actual worth of a website. Before calculating the worth of a website it is important to consider these factors.

Website value calculator is a very useful tool to estimate the actual worth of a website. This tool is very helpful when question of buying or selling of a website arises. These calculators provide geographic data based on rankings, popularity, backlinks and many other factors that are vital for estimated worth of a website. A nicely optimized website is available for sale then for what price it must be sold? How it will be estimated? WVC platforms are important to calculate the value of the website. It is duty of website owners to choose one of the various platforms and enter the URL. It will provide the detailed analysis. This detailed analysis includes Alexa Rank, backlinks, page views, outbound link, Meta description, domain age of the website and popularity of the website. Back links provide the idea that how many times this site is present on other platform while Meta description is detail about contents.

This tool is also helpful to distinguish the quality of different websites. One can compare the website with its competitor and find out where the site lacks in SEO. By knowing the date of competitor’s website you can improve the performance of your site. It can also help to know about the site design and structure which can get the most traffic. Through this tool one can get the idea that what type of site can do business. Some sites like,,,,, and are some very important websites to calculate the value of sites. The websites in calculator has different tools and most common offered tool is the "Search Box”.

Overall these calculators are best estimators that are providing the idea to the owners about selling of website. However, the results provided by these calculators must not be considered as final. These are approximated values and further research is must to take any decision. It is considered as initial and most important step to estimate the actual worth of a website.


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