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Welding Automation - A Revolutionary Transformation in the Welding Industry

Updated on January 29, 2016

Welding automation involves the usage of programmable mechanized tools and equipment to ease out the process of welding in terms of performance and handling. Welding, being the busiest manufacturing process, involves huge amount of intricacies for understanding. There are very few people who can perform excellent manual welding. Most manufacturing companies are switching to automated welding systems for better quality, profitability and productivity because of the shortage of skillful manual welders.

Widespread Applicability

You can make use of two distinctive procedures of automation that comprise fully automatic and semi-automatic welding systems. Both the measures are capable of producing increased output with less human interaction during welding process. With proficient expertise in welding industry, welding automation can be exceptionally beneficial for critical and repetitive applications.

Irrespective of the industries to which you belong, the automated systems for welding encompasses everything to serve your distinctive needs. Some prominent industries that imply automation in hard-facing welding processes include automobile manufacturers, aerospace industry, steel mills, rock crushing, valve manufacturers and more. systems for better quality, profitability and productivity because of the shortage of skillful manual welders.

Some Unrivaled Benefits

From experience, a well-engineered system for automated welding can provide you the following eminent advantages:

  • Enhanced quality: It can improvise the repeat-ability and integrity of your welding effectively.
  • Increased output: You can increase your productivity by setting the speed of producing the weld through machine at reasonable maximum percentage. In addition, you need to set the minimum time for increased output.
  • Reduced labor cost: Manual welding incorporates increased labor costs for the manufacturers. With either a semi-automatic or fully automatic system for welding, you can dramatically reduce it 4-8 times.
  • Reduced chances of rework or scrap: With automation, you can also reduce the probability of making errors by automating the placement and motions part.

Common Benefits from Welding Automation Equipment

Below is a list of some major welding automation equipment and processes that can gain exceptionally from the usage of automation:


Positioners | Source


You can conveniently perform the jobs of placing the bulky fabrications in a down ward position by making use of welding positioners. As a productive and versatile medium of welding, if automated, it can drastically reduce the frequent usage of cranes and handling time. The most common applications of welding automation equipment include circumferential welding, down ward positioning, saw cladding, strip cladding and more.

Welding Oscillator

Welding Oscillator for Automatic Welding
Welding Oscillator for Automatic Welding | Source


It is yet another crucial automated mechanism to simulate the state of weaving weld arc. It ensures controlled and regulated spreading of the arc heat on the welding surface that results in uniform weld pool flow. The distinctive advantage of automated oscillators involves outstanding penetration with maximum efficiency of heat utility. You can suitably use it in processes like SAW, MIG, Plasma welding, Cladding, FCAW and more.

NA3S Automatic Wirefeeder

Automatic Wirefeeder
Automatic Wirefeeder | Source

Wire feeders

To carry out the fabrication of heavy duty or production of assembly line, you can make use of automatic wire feeders for more metal deposits at rapid travel speed. It can consequently reduce your costs and increase the production. I suggest you use this automated welding equipment for controlled and precise addition of the filler metal, especially in TIG welding. You can expect high quality and consistent results of welding from its usage.

RDA CR30 NA turning roll

RDA CR30 NA turning roll
RDA CR30 NA turning roll | Source

Welding rotators

This equipment finds its major usage in the rotation or positioning of cylindrical jobs particularly for circumferential welding processes. You should keep this useful and versatile equipment in your fabrication shop for enhanced efficiency in terms of positioning. The best part about this equipment is that you can conveniently manage its speed variation to your job requirements with AC motors.

Welding Lathe

Welding Lathe
Welding Lathe | Source

Welding Lathe

Typical processes of welding that imply the usage of welding lathes may include TIG, plasma, micro plasma, micro TIG, as well as MIG. It can provide you with highly productive results in the applications of repetitive circumferential welding. Not only this, these equipment also turn out beneficial for linear welding processes by adding the mechanism of torch movement.

Besides the above processes and equipments, the automation is also influencing several other areas of welding industry as well.


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