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Westone Earphones

Updated on January 15, 2010

Westone earphone

This hub page here is about the series of earphones made by the company westone, and will cover some of their more notable sets within their line. The statements here are not in any way affiliated with anyone, and remains opinions only.

The company is in the business of making audio equipment, and have been making in ear phones ever since 1959. Their aim is to make high quality earphones that fit inside your ears well with a good build, and then price it at an affordable range for you to buy them. As it says in their press releases, they supply earpieces and specialised equipment for the major players in the audio industry. The question then, of course, is how well have they succeeded in their mission objectives?

Generally, the competition for westone earphones are found in Shure and Sennheiser, and with a few solo contestants from other brands. For westone, their strongest outputs are their True Fit custom built lines, as well their UM series, which is a short form for their "universal fit monitors". Of course they also build many other audiological items and products, for example hearing specialist supplies like otoscopes or stethoscopes, as well as hearing aids and military hearing protection or ear care products. But that is not our current concern!

For most people, the type of earphones best suited for them would be the universal fit monitors line, or UMs. They are meant to be "universal", and be a good ear fit for most people. If you have a particular ear-shape, or you find earphones uncomfortable, you might consider purchasing a custom fit pair of phones from them. On the other hand, custom fits are meant to last for a year or more, and you would have to wash the earbuds consistently to keep it clean. UMs on the other hand, have disposable earbuds, which you can change out eventually after a few weeks to a few months depending.

If you should purchase your earphones from their website, you would see they have 3 types of UMs and 4 types of true fits. Generally, the UMs are more for musicians, and the Trues more for audiophiles, and mainly people who like bass. The 4th true fit also does not really count, as it is mainly a special limited edition with a much higher price tag.

You'll see a number right beside the type of earphone, and that number corresponds with the number of drivers inside. Basically the bigger the number, the more expensive it is (about a 100 to 200 more), the more drivers it has (which translate to much better quality sound) The price ranges are pretty simple, the 100+ region, 200+ + region and 379+ region.

Naturally the best way to figure out which price bracket is the best of you is to look at your wallet. All the earphones are powerful contenders in each of the price bracket. If you prefer bass however, look towards the true fits. If not I personally prefer the UMs. Think of each driver as an additional core processing your music, just like computers these days have quad core processors, up from dual core, and previously single core. For some people, the aural difference would not be discernible to them, so it would be pointless also to shell out the greens for that expensive a new earphone monitor.

If you;re finally deciding on getting one, why not check out a hub on how to obtain and buy cheap westone um1?


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