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Westone Um2

Updated on June 16, 2010

Westone Um2 Review

Introduction to UM2
This earphone is basically a professionalaudio earpiece, and makes its mark as UM2 mainly due to its dual drivers. It has a sensitivity of 119 decibels, and has two balancedarmature, which basically does something similar to multi core processing like in CPU chips, except here it is for sound. Should you chose to buy it, the package includes a few replaceable Comply Foam tips, plus a wax loop used forcleaning the phones, as well as a small but hard zipper pouch and a controller. Thespecifications are similar to most high quality IEMs with dual drivers.

Looks and feel
Thefirst time you lay your eyes upon it, you will see that it is quitenoticeably different from any other pair of earphones that you have everseen before. Firstly, you can see that the ear tips are huge anduniquely shaped, in a transparent casing where you can see theparts, if you have ever wondered what goes inside, now you know. Its quirky lookdoes not end there, it actually goes down even to the wires thatit comes in, there are two wires twisted and braided and intertwinedfrom the top down all the way. It is meant to improve the durability ofthe cord. Such a look is generally ahit or a miss with people, and depends on your personal preference.

Sound Range
Probablyone of the best sounds you can get from a noise isolating earphone inthis price range, which would be $200+ to $300. The sound quality sounds incredible. It covers all the highs and lows andtreble well. It is in their words "the earpiece of choice for performers desiring high-end Westone sound quality at an affordable price"

Fit of the ear phone
Dueto the weird or unconventional design, it actually turns out to be arather good fit, coupled with the soft and mouldable earplug-ish eartips as well as the technique by which you are supposed to place itinto your ear. It takes quite a while to get it in as compared to otherearphones, but once its in it stays there very nicely.

Thispair is probably great for the health conscious. It comes withreplacements for the eartips, which you can use to change out dirtytips as time passes, as well as a wax loop to clean out the ear waxfrom the IEM.

As mentioned earlier, as it is 300 USD, it has to hold its own against other brands to fight for its price tag. With the twin drivers, it definitely is worth it if you are feeling rather affluent. Itskey feature is actually not say spectacular sound quality but its noiseisolation power.

Noise Isolation/Noise reduction
Take note that this differs from noise canceling, which is more complicated.
Westone probably comes in as the most price to quality ratio earplugs which streams music, blocking up to 25 decibels of unwanted noise.


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