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What Are The Benefits Of An eReader?

Updated on June 23, 2011

E-book readers or eReaders are growing in popularity. When they first came into the market, they cost well over $300 and were criticized by many to be a gadget fad. Despite receiving a gimmicky impression, eReaders continue to sell and have proven it's usefulness as a legitimate high tech tool. Most e-book readers have dropped in price and you can purchase a good eReader for about $150. That's half of what they normally cost a year ago. Besides the price drop, some people are still skeptical of the usefulness of these devices. Just what exactly is an eReader and what are some of the benefits of owning one? Why should you buy an eReader?

E-book readers are self explanatory. They are portable devices that displays digital books. An e-book is a loose term for digital books, documents, and magazines. An eReader is essentially, the device that holds all of your digital books and digital publications.  

Amazon Kindle 3 eReader
Amazon Kindle 3 eReader

Why would you want a device to hold your e-books? Why not just get a laptop? It's true that laptops and netbooks are well capable of displaying e-books but the appeal of eReaders is that they are specifically designed to display e-books with their E Ink display. Unlike laptops, eReaders display fonts and pictures through a technology called E Ink. E Ink gets it name be it's remarkable resemblance to real paper. A laptop's LCD display is good for displaying colors and graphics but it can strain the eyes after long viewing periods. E Ink is much easier on the eyes. Unlike a laptop, an eReader does not have a back-lit display therefore, you must be around a source of light. This reduces stress on the eyes making it much easier to read for hours without eye fatigue.

EReaders replicate the look of real paper and help you get into a book. Getting into a book is easier on an eReader than a laptop. When you have less stress on your eyes, you can absorb the text on an eReader better than you would have on an LCD laptop. So instead of focusing your eyes on recognizing the words, you spend more time absorbing the information and this gets you more into the book.  

Another side benefit from a lack of LCD back-lit is the longer battery life you get from a eReader. With most smart phones, you need to charge it every night. For laptops, you can only get a few hours off a charge. For an eReader, you can go a week or 2 before having to plug it in. This benefit allows you to not have to worry about being near an outlet like most laptop users. This is ideal for people that are on the go. Imagine slipping your eReader into your bag and reading for hours at the park without having to worry if the batteries are going to die. Imagine using your eReader for hours as you lay on your bed relaxing from a long day of work. The excellent battery life of eReaders make them seem more like a book than a normal piece of electronic. 

With an eReader, you can store thousands of books in one convenient device. This can replace large bookshelves in your home freeing up space for other things. With music, digital media has made it easier to store and save your music on compact mp3 players. E-book readers are doing the same thing for books. Instead of having many books taking up space, we are now able to store and save our books on our computers and portable devices like eReaders. This is a good thing. The benefits of eReaders can extend into the classroom. Imagine having one eReader replacing 35 lbs of textbooks. E-book readers free up a lot of space. That's a big advantage they have over regular books. 

Portability and freedom. Want to check up on the latest local and world news? How about just relaxing with a long novel. With eReaders, you have the freedom to read whatever you want, where ever you go. Some eReaders allow you to subscribe to periodicals such as magazines and newspapers. This means you can wake up, get ready and start your day without having to search for your newspaper. Life is stressful enough. Having magazines and newspapers delivered to your eReader makes life so much easier. EReaders are perfect for extended trips. Airplane rides, subway transits, bus rides, and long car trips can be much more enjoyable with an eReader. 

With an eReader, you get to enjoy a wonderful E Ink display that is easy on the eyes. This allows you to read for hours with no eye fatigue. Along with the stress-free reading, you also will enjoy their long lasting batteries. Weekly charges will replace daily charges. This gives you the freedom to take your eReader anywhere without worry. Tired of not knowing what to read? Take your whole library with you and decide later. If you are going on a long road trip, take your eReader with you and enjoy the ride. Want to subscribe to your favorite magazines? Some eReaders allow you to subscribe to digital magazines and newspapers and get them delivered straight to your device. These eReaders have proven that they are not just gimmicks, but useful tools that have become quite popular. eReaders have become high value devices among avid readers who wants to consolidate their books. EReaders can also be great gifts for the older crowd wanting something simple to use yet easy on their eyes. Thanks for reading!

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    • Adroit Alien profile image

      Adroit Alien 7 years ago

      Thank you michaelriley29! Most eReaders have built in dictionaries. While most are clumsy like the Kindle, I found the Sony Touch Readers to be very easy to use. Simply double tap a word and a dictionary pops up.

      I also had the same desire when I was young. Thanks for the comment!

    • Adroit Alien profile image

      Adroit Alien 7 years ago

      The Cybook Orizon is a great device but at $250, it's a bit steep. I love the fact that it has multi-touch which is a step ahead of the Sony Reader PRS line but the price needs to come down to compete. While it has wifi and bluetooth, it does not have 3G like the Kindle and Nook which is considerably cheaper than the Orizon.

    • The Smiling Man profile image

      The Smiling Man 7 years ago from USA

      Hey, what do you think about the cybook (

    • profile image

      ankigarg87 7 years ago

      Nice hub,Today need of e reader is more to save enviornment