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What Are the Best WordPress Plug-Ins

Updated on December 7, 2013

If "Content is King", the Comment is Queen

If "Content is King", the Comment is Queen

Nearly anybody and everybody who has a website or blog has heard the saying "Content is King," which certainly is true, but it isn't the ONLY thing that you need to drive traffic to a website. A big part of getting targeted traffic to visit your site is by commenting on other sites that are similar in nature to your own. If you're doing that, you should be using the CommentLuv Plug-In for WordPress, because when you comment on another CommentLuv enabled site, a certain number of your most recent posts will be attached to yoru comment. If you are making quality comments that contribute something to the site you are commenting on, this will help you get readers, and some of those readers may click on the links to your posts and visit your website too.

Google Anaytics Daily Visitors Chart
Google Anaytics Daily Visitors Chart

Google Analystics Plug-In

Google Analystics Plug-In

Many of us want to know how many people are visiting our websites, where they are coming from, how long they are staying, and what they are looking at while they are on our sites. Google Analytics is a great tool, because it will also help you to determine what things you do to your site are increasing traffic and what things are having an adverse reaction on traffic.

Of course, Google Analytics is only going to tell you how many people are visiting your site via Google search and it won't tell you anything about searches from Bing, Yahoo,, and any other search engines that might be sending traffic to your site. It also won't give you any information about how may visitors you are getting as a result of efforts you may be putting in on various social networks or article writing efforts. But, still in all, it is a good tool to have in your plug-in aresenal.

Rate Google AdSense

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Google AdSense

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

If you have any type of website or blog, you certainly should have a Google Adsense account, and if you are using WordPress, you should take advantage of the Google Adsene Plug-In. You aren't going to make a ton of money with AdSense unless you have a super amount of traffic to your site, but Google Adsense is free, so any money you DO make is bonus money. You can have 3 box AdSense ads on your webite, or one skyscraper + one box (I believe this is correct, if not someone can let me know if I'm wrong.)

AdSense will automatically post ads on your site that are related to the content on your site, thus increasing the odds that someone will actually click on one of your AdSense ads. Of course, for just getting a click, a lot of those ads only pay a penny, but pennies make dollars, and as you work on developing your site to incrase your traffic, you should progressively see more revenue coming from your ads.

AdSense will also give you information about your visitors demographics and what countries are getting you traffic that is earning you money. You can even chart your earnings by country, which may aid in some of your SEO if you can target more traffic from the countries where your earnings are the best.

CommentLuv Premium
When commenting on other CommentLuv enabled sites, a certain number of posts from your site are linked to comments. Many other features too!!
$97.00 (as of 12/7/2013)
SellFire Basic
Adds Affiliate store to your WordPress posts or pages
$9.99/month (as of 12/7/2013)
SellFire Professional
Adds features of product pages and faceted search in addition to basic plan
$19.99/month (as of 12/7/13)
SellFire Developer
Adds API access in addition to all professional features
$49.99/month (as of 12/7/13)

Would You Take the Risk to Use a Social Network Auto Poster

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Next Scripts Social Network Auto Poster

Next Scripts Social Network Auto Poster

This plug-in is both good and bad. Google frowns on automating posting in any way shape or form, so using this plug-in could result in your losing page rank. However;, I will still tell you what the plug-in does, and you can make your own choice. Surely, if you have a website, you have created a Facebook Fan Page for it. Next Scripts Social Network Auto Poster will automatically post your most recent posts to your social networks. IF you are using Google Blogger,DO NOT use S.N.A.P. to post to your blog. Google considers this spam, and will shut down your blog in short order.

I only use it on one site, and I only post to my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter. It's up to you whether you want to take a chance on using this plug-in or not. There are risks, but there can also be rewards, so you have to weigh the potential benefits versus the potential losses.

WordPress Themes and Plug-Ins Review Guide
WordPress Themes and Plug-Ins Review Guide | Source

10 WordPress Plug-Ins Every New Website Should Have

SellFire and GoldenCan Data Feed Plug-Ins

SellFire and GoldenCan Data Feed Plug-Ins

If your website is a combination of content and products, SellFire and GoldenCan data feed plug-ins can offer you an easy way to promote affiliate products on your website. Both of these companies offer many affiliate product choices from such places as Commission Junction, LinkShare, Share-A-Sale, PepperJam, and others. Both of them allow you to pick specific merchants that you have affiliate status with, and wet up a store in either a post or page that has only products that are relevant to the topic of your site, or to individual posts or pages.

The one superior feature with SellFire is the ability to make a page with only a single featured product, if you want to refine your niche. A great feature of both of these plug ins, is that they automatically update and remove products that are no longer available, and add any new products that fit the same keywords. With GoldenCan, you can also make a keyword category store that has up to 15 separate categories, or you can import and entire store that has every product available from just one individual merchant. When you do this, EVERY category in your store will have a link in the post or page header.

Both SellFire and GoldenCan also work with Amazon's associate program; however, GoldenCan has several merchants that are called 4th click merchants. In other words, every fourth click going to that merchant from your website has the affiliate ID replaced with GoldenCan's ID, whether or not there is a resulting sale. Other than that GoldenCan is free for publishers. SellFire has three different levels of participation for affiliates ranging in price from $9.99 per month to $49.99 per month. The $49.99 per month plan allows API access for developers, which the other two plans do not.

SEO by Yoast Video Tutorial

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you are challenged by whether or not our pages or posts are optimized for SEO, WordPress SEO by Yoast is definitely for you. This plug in has a ton of features that will let you look at your pages and posts subjectively, and the plug-in itself will let you know when your posts or pages are sufficiently optimized. After you install this plug-in and start writing your content, you can check your progress along the way at the bottom of your pages or posts. You will find a list of SEO analytics, such as "is the keyword in the URL?," It will also let you when you have written at least the recommended amount of content (300 words minimum), your keyword density, outbound links, etc. As you progress, you will see a little colored ball at the top of your page and in a widget on the side of your page, which will change colors from gray, to orange, to yellow, to green as you update your content. When you've reached green, your pages has been sufficiently optimized to meet the minimum criterea.

This does not necessarily mean that your page is totally optimized, as in the list of SEO analytics, each item will also have a little colored ball to the left of it. You want every single one of those little balls to be green when you are finished writing your content. Don't forget to check your spelling and grammar though, because Yoast SEO does not do that for you.

Social Network Follow Me Buttons
Social Network Follow Me Buttons

AddThis Social Network Sharing Plug-In

AddThis Social Network Sharing Plug-In

Today, it is an absolute necessity to give your readers the ability to share your content on their social network sites. Therefore, the AddThis Social Network Sharing Plug-In is a must for every website. If your content was stimulating enough to attract a reader and keep them on your site long enough to read entire post of page, then the chances are good that your content is also good enough that they may want to share it with the friends, family, co-workers, etc. that they are connected to on places such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a variety of other social networks.

In addition to the AddThis Plug-In, you should also have the Follow Me plug-in, so your readers can follow you on your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc. These two plug-ins are inherently tied in with each other, and you should consider it mandatory to use both of them. It doesn't hurt to have a large Pin-It button somewhere prominent on your site too. You can get the HTML code for a Pin-It button when you look into your Pinterest account.


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      Very well said "content is king comment is queen", it not just only to comment on any blog, it should be similar in nature to your own. Amazing post, keep sharing your posts with us.


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