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What Can You Do With Your Tweet?

Updated on March 12, 2012
One tweet to rule them all.
One tweet to rule them all. | Source

Twitter has always been all about sharing. What you choose to send in a tweet doesn't matter. The sharing part is what counts. But could there be a better use for the social medium?

Scam or Spam?

Recently I found this website called Pay with a Tweet which offers to buy some stuff with a price of a tweet. I now it sounds pretty weird and probably unbelievable, but there is no scam whatsoever. It was founded a while ago by a group of guys called Innovative Thunder. Back then they just wanted to promote their e-book called Oh My God What Happened And What Should I Do? for free. And at that moment Pay With a Tweet was born.

Even though it sounds like a scam at first, it's not. You can get free e-books, songs, invites to social sites or even tips from 'pros' with just a tweet. It's that easy. What's in it for bloggers/businesses/advertisers? Traffic. In you can find a few tips how to dramatically increase traffic to your website using Pay With a Tweet system. More traffic = more money, right? It's true, but this 'press tweet to get something' phenomenon brings us one little problem. That tiny issue is a Spam.

You've probably seen tweets like 'This ____ helps/gives you ___________. Download it for free [link]'. And basically there's nothing wrong with that - who wouldn't want to get an e-book, for instance, for free? But there are some users who find this revolutionary rather disturbing. That's pretty much how TinoBoezemen from FutureBook thinks. In his opinion PWaT is nothing more than a spam which sort of violates the main thing in Twitter - being authentic and personal in your tweets.

Then Why Is It So Popular?

When you see this little tweet which tells you that by clicking just a link you will get a particular product, you get quite curious and try it out. Then your followers see the exact message and the same process goes on. If the message doesn't hook you in, then it gets ignored. And don't forget that this system isn't that mainstream so you won't be able to go into your favorite restaurant and demand a meal for a tweet. I'm just saying.

Tweet For A Good Cause

If you don't really like an idea of buying 'things' with a tweet, then you have more noble option - donate. There are quite a lot options how to help with your tweet. But mostly it's not like PWaT, unless someone pays, for example, 9 cents for every tweet people have made. Tweet to donate system is more like advertising than really giving money for just a tweet. Give a Tweet is a website where you can donate your money and then tell your friends about what you just did using Twitter. That isn't really revolutionary. But Ben & Jerry's Fair Tweets is absolutely different story.

This site is all about unused characters in your tweets.

Every day, millions of Twitter characters go unused. That's not very fair. But now you can tweet as you normally would, and we'll turn any leftover characters into a message about Fair Trade. Now that's fair.
via FairTweets

It's not complex at all. Just type whatever you want and the rest of a message contains an ad of Fairtweets. That's not much, but maybe with just a tweet you will help the ones who need it most.


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