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What Does Microsoft Buying Skype Mean For Skype Users? Will the Consumer want to purchase more Skype services, now?

Updated on May 13, 2011

Skype Was a Revolution in Long-Distance Calling

When I was living in Germany, the one technological innovation that I considered the greatest was the one that let me talk to my family every day without racking up a single long-distance charge. Even now, if I want to stay in touch with some of my family members, the best way to go is Skype. My first thought when I saw Microsoft's 8.5 billion dollar offer for Skype was one of surprise. Why would Microsoft, a major player in the cellphone industry already, want to purchase a company that undercut their market share in a radical departure from traditional phone service? There are only two reasons I can think of that this radical purchase of a company, by Microsoft, makes any sense.

Google Stole Skype's Business Model

I love Google. But, that doesn't mean they didn't sit down with patent lawyers one day and try to brazenly steal every iota of Skype's business model with their Google Voice service. Google is the 800 billion ton gorilla in a room full of gorillas, who are all ninja programmers and shark business men at Google. Their Google Android phones are a rising player in the SmartPhone market, and will probably catch up to the iPhone soon, as consumers get sick of the terrible phone service and EULA's of the iPhone. With Google taking over the voice telephone services bit-by-bit, Skype was bound to be a target for either purchase or destruction by Google's team of crack product and software developers!

Skype made sense for any business that wanted to compete with Google. This is a bold move by Microsoft to take something that Google wants - voice-over-internet phone service - and do it with the dominant player of the industry: Skype!

No wonder Microsoft bought them out!

Will Microsoft Muck-Up and Destroy Skype?

Microsoft is not beloved by the tech industry for good reason. They tend to make average software, at best, and they dominate the marketplace through aggressive tactics that make-up for their poor quality products. Apple is better. Sorry, mates, but it's the truth. Unix is better, too, if you know a few things about software coding. In fact, the Chrome-powered Netbook is probably a better bit of software, from Google, than anything Windows could produce.

Microsoft's purchase of Skype must be part of some evil master plan by Paul Allen to lower the standards of the average consumer, to make them expect the sort of poor service and average product quality with aggressive sales tactics. Honestly, how many different editions of Office does one company need to produce in a decade? Were all of those editions, foisted upon the marketplace as if they were the new gold standard in Office Software, really necessary?

Microsoft must be trying to take over a company who is beloved by the average consumer, trying to stay connected with family members and friends both overseas and across the country, and turning this company into the sort of warm software goo that is Microsoft's stock in trade.

It will be average. It will get expensive. It will need to be updated every two years, whether the consumer wants an update or not.

This is a bold move for Microsoft, but it is bad news for Skype users like me who are already deeply-embedded into the network, with all my contacts listed in there, and everyone accustomed to their lovely little tool.

I guess it's time to convince everyone on Skype to cross over to Google Voice, isn't it?


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      uklu 6 years ago

      you are sooooo right