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What Exactly is Web Hosting?

Updated on January 19, 2017

What Is Web Hosting

There are many of you who might be new to the world of web hosting to the point that you don't know what it is exactly. Web hosting is where a company or individual can place their websites on the World Wide Web and have it made reachable across the whole world to meet new people even possible customers or friends. It is your home on the web, a place your website lives and is accessed while you work, sleep and play.

There are a lot of web hosting sites which makes the whole process of getting internet commerce across to potential customers or friends possible. Companies are now able to reach Billions of people the world over within minutes of placing their websites online as long as the end user has access to a computer.

Imagine a large room filled floor to ceiling with computers. Each computer being home to between one and a few hundred websites. Each computer needs to be switched on and powered up 24/7 with a backbone or cable infrastructure that can handle the demands of millions of gigabytes of data being transferred when it is called for as well as having a back-up plan should they suffer a power failure.

Which Web Host?

New Web hosting Companies are appearing all the time. Some offer free 'web hosting' which is never free, your site will be littered with adverts while others offer file maintenance, larger storage, extra emails, file sharing, and many other items to meet the company's needs or the needs of the individual.

The more complex your site is means the better server you are going to need and this is the reason why there are so many different servers and so many different web hosting plans out there. When you use these servers, you can use other scripts such as Java and other things or create your own scripts. This way you can create things like forums and other things for your web page.

There are many different types of web hosting from VPS to shared and reseller hosting. Even blogs like wordpress are hosted somewhere although to the end user it is classed as free hosting. By far the most common type of hosting is shared and as the name suggests, many users share the same computer host all taking a junk of the space and resources. When you get into web hosting, you should read all about them to learn just how many types there are, you will probably be surprised when you see how many different types that there are.

I however cannot suggest one for you without knowing your requirements and needs, everyone is different. The best place to start is to use a comparison style site like Website Hosting Plans they give a basic introduction on a varied array of hosts inviting users of those hosts to share their good and bad experiences with other possible customers.

Web hosting is a way everyone can own a little piece of the pie and make a startup company noticeable to the world. Web hosting can get the multibillion dollar businesses ways to communicate with suppliers, customers or hire new employees. The sites can, also, let friends and family members keep in touch over short or long distances. Choosing a web host becomes a whole lot easier once you know what you or your company needs.

Getting Your Site Online

You have your domain name and your website but how do you transfer that site from your pc or folder to your new empty web space? There are many ways to upload the information or your website to your web space, the most basic way is via the web interface that your host will offer, it works but it is slow. This is the way most people upload things due to the ease of use.

I personally use a method using a File Transfer Protocol otherwise known as FTP. It is a piece of software that sits on your desktop and it creates a connection between your host and you. Using it you can upload and download files between the folder where you have your website stored and the folder that is your websites home on the big world wide web. Consider an FTP like a removal van for the Internet. 


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