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What Is Habitica and How to Use It

Updated on December 19, 2017
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Eric draws upon his favorite activities to write his articles. He wants people to get a glimpse of the joy he has for his hobbies.

Habitica is a video game themed task and habit planning website. Habitica uses gamification to make task planning for more fun.


A Task Planning Website

Habitica is primarily a task and habit planning website. You use habits, to-dos, and dailies. To-dos are single tasks you plan to complete. Dailies are tasks you want to complete on certain days of the week Dailies are tasks you want to complete often. Habits are things you reward or penalize yourself for doing.

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What Are To-Do?

To-dos are useful for tasks you can break down into smaller parts. Using checklists also helps do make tasks easier to understand. I have found using the to-dos for tasks when deadlines and things I know I can complete at a certain time. I have once used to-dos to plan my laundry washing for the day. I had a to-do with a checklist. I used the checklist to keep track of washing the clothes, drying them, and putting them away.

What Are Dailies?

Dailies are useful for just what they sound like. I use them for things I want to complete daily or multiple days in a week. For example, I used a daily task to read 30 minutes of a book every day. I used the daily task until I finished this book.

What Are Habits Used For?

Habits are used to reward yourself for doing good things. Habits like eating healthy or sticking to good things. You can also use bad habits as punishments. I personally do not find this useful but maybe some people would.

Review of Habitica Activities

What It Is Used For
How Often to Use It
Activities you want to complete multiple times in a week.
Multiple days a week.
To complete individual tasks and activities.
As long as the task takes to complete.
To reward or punish good or bad habits.
Every time you do a good or bad habit.

How to Play the Game in Habitica

You start Habitica by making a character. This character is your avatar that represents in the Habitica world. You level up your character by interacting with the website. When you get to level ten, you get to choose a class. You can stay as a warrior the starting class. Or you can choose to be a Mage, Rogue, or Healer. You also find pets and pet-related items. As you level up, you find and complete quests.

Playing in Groups

If you do not complete all of the dailies, you take damage. You and your party members take increased damage when fighting a boss in a quest. Taking damage this way keeps you accountable. If you take too much damage, you lose a level. Be careful about letting your party take damage. The party may kick you out. Quest participation is updated every 24 hours. If you can't find anybody to party with, you can complete quests on your own. Completing quests this way takes longer, but it is an option.

Playing in a party.
Playing in a party. | Source

Completing Tasks on the Go

In addition to the desktop website, Habitica has a mobile application. You can download Habitica on Android or iPhone. The application is useful for marking off tasks and keeping track of things on the go. I have found that the desktop website is best for making tasks and to-dos. It is somewhat harder to make things tasks and to-dos on the application.

About Paid Options in Habitica

Habitica is free to use and open source. Habitica does have paid options. The subscriptions give some small benefits, but they are mostly to support the developers. I tried the subscription for a year to support the website. Being able to buy gems with gold is useful. Gems are used to buy certain quests. You can also use gems to buy specific items if you want them. You can buy gems individually as well.

Are the subscription and gems worth buying? I would only recommend either option if you want to support the development of Habitica. You can use the website fully without gems or a subscription.

Interacting with the Community

There are multiple ways to interact with the community. The Tavern is a way to pause your dailies so won't take damage. I use the Tavern for when I want to take a break. The Tavern is a nice place to chat with other people to use Habitica.

You can also join guilds and talk with others about like subjects. There are multiple guilds to join. I have found they are somewhat inactive though. Maybe the guilds I joined are just not too active. There is also a subreddit for Habitica, but it seems pretty inactive as well. The Tavern is the most active place to talk with people on Habitica.

The tavern.
The tavern. | Source

Habitica is a great way to keep track of your life goals and tasks. As a lover of video games, the website is a huge favorite of mine. While there are other ways to keep track of tasks and goals Habitica is my favorite. I just love how Habitica turns sometimes boring tasks and daily activities into a fun game. Habitica is not the most complex task manager. But for being free Habitica is a great option. If you want a simple and fun way to keep track of personal tasks, I recommend using Habitica.

© 2017 Eric Farmer


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    • EricFarmer8x profile image

      Eric Farmer 2 days ago from Phoenix Arizona

      @AliciaC It is really fun to use. I use it to plan writing tasks and other things.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 2 days ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I've never heard of Habitica before. The idea of using a game-themed task manager sounds very interesting. Thanks for introducing me to the site.