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What Happened to Apple's Attention to Detail?

Updated on October 12, 2012

Apple's Attention to Detail

Apple is one of the most important technology companies today. Without Apple, we would have no (or be very behind in) widespread music industry, non-physical keyboards, intuitive tablets, FaceTime... I could go on forever. One of the best things about Apple is how much they pay attention to the little things. For Heaven's sake, they made the volume slider change ever-so-slightly if you tilt the iDevice!


Alas, my OCD-ish brain has found something that does not compute. I frequently use a 4th-generation iPod Touch to listen to music. Today, I plugged it into the newest version of iTunes to sync it and this picture came up.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Spot what is wrong with this picture.
Spot what is wrong with this picture.
Spot what is wrong with this picture.

If you didn't notice the mistake, I can confirm you either don't work for Apple or aren't high up in the hierarchy. For those of you who don't see the mistake, allow me to zoom in more.

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[Shakes head in disdain]
[Shakes head in disdain]
[Shakes head in disdain]

Yep, that is a Phone app. Unless Apple has hidden the application in a secret place in my iPod, I don't see it (Remember, this is an iPOD, not an iPHONE).

My Plea

This mistake may be minute, but this caused my OCD to kick in and a little alarm to go off in my head concerning the history of Apple Inc.

Apple, please don't lose your extreme attention to detail. You are the most influential technology company currently in existence and have to live up to your name. Steve may be gone, but please don't let his attention to detail die with him. You can remain an important technology company, but only if you continue his legacy of perfection.

Do you think Apple is losing its attention to detail?

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