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What I believes in

Updated on March 8, 2015

Every day that passes in this world is always bound to influence people’s lives in different ways. Throughout their whole lives, people encounter different experiences that teach them important life lessons. It is through these daily experiences that people establish their beliefs in whatever they come to realise. From life’s experience, people come to believe and trust different life’s values. They love and cherish some values while abhorring others. Therefore, I believe in different aspects of life, most of them being drawn from day to day experiences.

Firstly, I believe in God. I believe in God’s ability to control human lives. He is the guardian of law and order: deciding what a person undergoes at any time in life. I came to believe in God in my childhood years when I used to attend Sunday schools. However, the belief was not strong until when I became thirteen years old. It is at such age that I grasped the true concept of religion, the origin of man through God’s creation and his mysteries. However, daily experiences in my entire life have strengthened my belief in God. For example, I have met different people in life. Some born blind, others crippled and others physically challenged. As I interacted with such people, I kept on wondering what might have happened for them to be how they are. I also wondered why people died, why some people were physically fit while others had either mental or physical deformities. Therefore, it was through such life experiences that I came to realise that human beings do not control their lives. God controls people’s lives. He is a supernatural being whose existence we cannot doubt. If we doubt his existence, then we cease to exist.

Secondly, I believe that the choices we make and the actions we undertake influence our lives. When God created the first people on earth, he granted them the freedom of choice. He gave them the freedom to choose whatever they want in their lives, when and how to achieve it. It is such freedom that makes us make decisions and take actions. The decisions and the actions we take may benefit or harm us. For example, through life I have learned that the difference between affluence and poverty is very narrow. Affluence is brought by our hard work and determination in what we do. It is the decision to work hard and the actions that accompany it that leads to wealth and success in life. Similarly, all other factors held constant, I have learned that poverty is brought about by laziness. If we decide to be lazy and fail to work hard in life, we always end up being poor. I came to realise such things after keenly analysing the lives of different people in the society. In our society, poverty never left those people who were lazy. Additionally, people who worked hard never lacked anything. Even in school, those students who were seriously in their studies never failed in exams. Their determination and hard work landed them into great careers, good salaries and possibly; a good life. Therefore, I have learned and believe that the choices we make determine who we end up being.

Thirdly, I believe that the issues of family should always come first before duty. Family matters should be given a high degree of consideration than any other duties. My experience in life has taught me these things. For example, when my neighbour’s first-born son was born partially blind, the couples struggled so much to cater for him. Because they could not raise enough funds to hire a baby caretaker, the couple kept on alternating between themselves the duty of taking care of their blind son. At times, the father would remain at home while the mother went to work. At other times, the mother would remain at home taking care of their son while the father attended to work. Additionally, when doctors realised that their son’s eye defects could be corrected through eye surgery, the father sold his taxi to cater for his son’s medical bill. Similarly, another neighbour’s son cancelled his flight to London in order to take care of his sick mother. The son was a pilot, but still unmarried. He was scheduled to fly his passengers to Canada when he received a call from home telling him that her mother had suffered from stroke and was unconscious. Being the only son of an old widow, the son requested his superiors to cancel the flight so that he could take care of his sick mother. The airline company granted him leave and substituted his flight with another pilot. Therefore, it was through such life experiences that I realised and believed that one’s family should come first before any other duty.

In conclusion, life is full of many experiences. Every new day comes with its own unique experiences. For example, through my daily experiences, I believe in the existence of God and his ability to control our lives. Through our neighbours, I learned and believed that family interests will always come first before one’s duty. Additionally, I believe that we are responsible for our actions. The decisions we make in this life determ

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