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What Is A Strong Password?

Updated on January 23, 2011

How many times your email and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has been hacked? Have you ever wonder or tried to ask yourself or someone else why hackers could able to access and change your accounts easily? How come they know your password/s? These are just the few major questions that you need to uncover right now, what is it and why it is happening.

But before anything else let's define the term "strong password." Accordingly, a strong password is a mixed of characters that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. This "mixed character" that I'm talking about should include alphabets, numbers, symbols, and special characters. A simple alphanumeric password or a combination of letters and digits will definitely do to protect your accounts but not as strong when you combine all the types of characters mentioned above to build fully secure, unguessable one.

Like you I am also a victim of bad guys on the internet or should I say online hackers. All they do were merely illegal things, unlawful. They crack well known software and websites, and personal accounts for the purpose of financial gains. They will use you as them to collect cash or any thing with value from your friends and business contacts. But others are doing these just to show the owner of those stuffs that there accounts were not totally secure and the password isn't strong.

You should know by now that password derived from your names, birthdays, bank accounts, and ID numbers or a simple combinations of it is weak and unsafe. Because aside from the reason that those things were visible from you hackers know that a person like you who has lack of knowledge about internet security will gonna use it as a password to get in to your account. So beware of it. Another thing, social networking sites usually require their members to input at least six character for their passwords while others require at least eight but the truth if you want a strong password then it should be more than that, fourteen mixed characters with a little spice on it like the combination of small and big is proven to be strong.

For finale, if you're unsure about the strength of your password, how weak or strong it is, I suggest you visit Microsoft Online Safety to check it. If you find that your password is not strong enough to protect your online accounts better replace it right away before it's too late. Because strong password is not just prohibiting hackers from having access to your cyber activities, it is protecting you, your friends, and your family from possible financial as well as physical harms.


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    • fudot profile image

      Michael Terence Fudot 7 years ago from Manila City, Metro Manila, Philippines

      Thanks, Judy and Skear, for reading my hub and commenting into it.

    • Judy HBerg profile image

      Judy HBerg 7 years ago

      Thanks for the important reminders! Good hub.

    • skear profile image

      Sam Kear 7 years ago from Kansas City

      Good advice! With modern processors hackers can brute force passwords very quickly unless you have a strong password.