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What Is Android? Is it Affordable? Is it a Capable OS?

Updated on July 17, 2014

Android, Forever Changing

Don't be afraid! It's not the Daleks from DR Who, just the friendly, and now reliable, Android O.S.
Don't be afraid! It's not the Daleks from DR Who, just the friendly, and now reliable, Android O.S.

Let's Talk Android O.S

Android is such a competitive, outgoing and useful operating system that in this writers opinion, will forever have that extra edge due to its design, research and implementation.

Let me tell you why I believe that... Besides the next, important and truthful facts you're about to be told of regarding Android, the main thing it comes down to is one important deciding factor. Creativity!

That's it I said it. Time and time again, there's a new competitors phone on the market (I won't mention who) that is always a rehash of the old garbage, with all the bits and pieces it should have had at the beginning, now included. 1, 2, 3, 4 and now 5 times.

I know it sounds bias right now, so let's hear some true facts on the matter.

The Android operating system is based on the Linux kernel.

Linux is a free operating system. It's primary use is for computing, but has been adopted for the Android operating system because of its ability to be modified.

The licensing scheme behind the O.S for the kernel used in Android is open source because of its use of Linux kernel.

Linux and Android, being sourced from the same code, are both a user based system. Users everywhere contribute to the Linux (and Android) kernel by creating there own unique new code for custom applications or widgets, and then update the original linux code.

The benefits to such a process are huge.

Multiple minds, specializing in many different aspects of the kernels language, putting effort into one single free to use operating system.

The same code, that looked perfect to the last contributor, can have a massive update uploaded by a new contributor that incorporates the old code with extra updates.

The ultimate outcome is a more comprehensive operating system.

It's because of this unique concept that Android will forever be updated and getting extra features added to it.

This is why I personally believe Android to be the absolute king when it comes to smartphone and tablet operating systems.

Let's discuss the other benefits an Android user has.

Android Circuitry, Exposed!

Just like the O.S is unique to the Android system, so to is it's hardware.
Just like the O.S is unique to the Android system, so to is it's hardware.

Tech Talk

So the software to it is good, but what about the hardware?..

A major boost to any smartphone that uses the Android operating system is the fact that every part of the hardware inside the device is a part of the OHA (Open Handset Alliance).

I have to blabber on again here for a moment about that.

The OHA is the absolute genius-ness behind the capabilities that Android currently possesses.

An innovation both planned and implemented by Google (Androids Owners). An idea, that Google forever stood by that there technology wouldn't just be affordable for consumers, it would be extremely competitive.

More processors for manufacturers to choose from. More extra and enhanced features forever being added to processors. Similar processor types being pushed differently by each manufacturers newly created technology. All of that knowledge and creativity and brainstorming in one collective, the OHA.

The foundation, so to speak, is now more than 70 separate companies all focusing on one essential factor. Developing better hardware for Android to create a better user experience.

This is a major benefit to up and coming and non branded Android phone manufacturers. Not only do they have access to already available technology and software, they can also change aspects to suit there device lines.

So, what kind of processor technology goes into Android phones?

Nowadays, for smartphones and tablets, at the high end there are dual quad core 2GHZ processors available.Though currently quad core is considered high end. The dual quad core is just crazy, and expensive.

Currently, only a few manufacturers have grasped the dual quad core. And you pay for it. In my opinion a quad core is just perfect right now as software environments currently support it extremely well.

When it comes to processor manufacturing and design, Actions and MTK processors are by far the best value for money on the market.

What about performance?

The table below illustrates my my personal favorite processor technology currently on the market available for Android devices.

Single Core Processors
Dual Core Processors
Quad Core Processors
All Winner 1.0GHZ
All Winner 1.2GHZ
Actions ATM7029 1.2GHZ
MTK6575M - 1.0GHZ
MTK6572A - 1.3GHZ
MTK6589 - 1.2GHZ
Exynos 3 - 1.2GHZ
Exynos 4 - 1.4GHZ
Exynos 4 - 1.6GHZ

Munch Munch Munch

Android Enters, Ready For The Battle!


What's the Cost of a Good Performing Smartphone?

In terms of price you don't have to pay thousands, or even more then a few hundred for a high performing, good quality Android device.

The main factor determining a budget for a new device is your choice of brand. Whether you prefer a brand or no brand name.

High end brands have high prices - With an Android product a brand name doesn't really mean anything. As said previously, all android software and hardware is available to every manufacturer!

You could buy from Samsung, HTC, Sony or any brand (or un-branded) Android device manufacturer and all there little tweaks to the software and hardware modifications could be available on another device.

This is such a major boost to you and me, the consumer.

No more should we believe that the outrageous prices a manufacturer charges for there Android device are fair . If there's a cheaper alternative, that is running the same O.S, has the O.S running the updated code from the manufacturer and has similar hardware, it will perform exactly as the original.

This is why any other operating system besides Android used for a smarthpone falls behind... Way behind!

What do you use?

Do you currently own an Android device?

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Android vs Apple

So why does this writer believe Android is a more capable, and will always be a more affordable competitor then any other O.S?

Before I start to say the reasoning behind why I personally believe Android is superior to iOS, first, I have to thank Steve Jobs (unfortunately now deceased) and the Apple company for making such great devices like smartphones and MP3 players - All of this technology might not be here if it wasn't for there engineers.

It was there unique thinking and brainstorming that brought such innovations to all of us. However, it is also there thinking that makes us look elsewhere - Designing products to be incompatible with general technology keeping customers limited to there product lines after making a purchase.

Apple keep all there technology and all there software and code to themselves. This ensures you are confined to there product line and services once you make a purchase. This is not fair for a consumer.

No software developers, other than there employees, can make enhancements. Such a flaw guarantees that not much will happen.... For a long time! Maybe model 9 or 10 will truly be "remarkable" and different.

Because of Androids design, implementation and low cost capabilities the operating system will forever be a formidable foe and be around for years to come.

© 2013 Martin Heeremans


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