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What Is Better: A Tablet or Laptop Computer?

Updated on November 29, 2011

While I think the issue is divided down subjective differences, I cannot help but think that laptop computers are way better. I recently bought an HP Touchpad and used it for a bit. It worked fine, it was relatively fast, did the things I normally do: email, facebook, Internet, play games. Yet, I was neither happy or dissatisfied with the product. I have used Apple ipads as well. Same result.

What is the attraction of a tablet computer? For years, they were not popular and inferior to laptops. Is it the illusion of not using a mouse make it more appealing? Is it the illusion of not having a keyboard make it more useful, more portable? Crazy!

Tablets do have a major annoyance, IMO. The first is using your figure to touch the screen. After I had been using it for even a short whole, despite the fact my fingers were clean, my fingerprints were all over the screen and in reflections, really made it ugly. Just think if you are eating chips as you compute, what a frickin' mess the screen would be. Thus, frequent cleaning became a chore. An annoyance. GIVE ME THE MOUSE! Then, the issue of not have a standard keyboard. Without this, the tablet has very limited browsing\gaming use. Unless you like to try to type with the built keyboard, which is smaller and forces you to learn how to touch type all over again. How fun it is to correct the gobbley-gook. That became a a REAL annoyance. So, you say, plug in a real keyboard, isn't that defeating the purpose of the tablet!!!? Like I am going to carry a keyboard. Funny. Without the two items noted, the tablet's usefulness is drilled down to games, social networking, surfing the Net.

A tablet is for casual, non-business, use most of the time. It cannot compete with a laptop, which is simply more powerful and more useful in the real world. Even the smaller Net books that are used by college students are more practical and their prices can compete easily with the tablet.

The tablet is a fad brought on by Apple and their fanatic followers. Like a virus, it spread out into the general public and into manufacturers. Ironically, Apple computers is akin to The Beatles, Steve Jobs favorite rock band. The Beatles were followed, copied, idolized by all in the rock world. Even today, in Guitar Magazine, the whole issue is about how they set standards in music. Apple computers is the same, except for computers.

Everything I did on the tablet, I could do with my Apple iTouch, my Apple iPhone. It was just smaller. So, why spend $600 on a tablet to do the same things? Between the two devices, give me the iTouch or iPhone, at least the fingerprints on the screen are easier to clean.

Owning a tablet computer is something that does not compute with me.


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    • MomTech profile image

      Connie Klemme 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      yes the keyboard stinks.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Good commentary. I can see tablets in certain situations, RE for sure, medical. They have a long way to go for productivity. the keyboard issue is one main reason.

    • MomTech profile image

      Connie Klemme 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      it depends on your useage. I like having the tablet PC for going to business meetings. I can flip it to tablet mode, use the pen to keep notes if I need to write them or I can flip it open and type the notes. If I need to use my MS applications (excel, powerpoint, word, visio, visual studio) in the meeting or work with those on the tablet. If I need the client to sign a contract, we can do it on the tablet without ever printing. For daily business use not on the go the laptop is better, for fun personal the iphone/ipad would be better but ipad doesn't cross over for me as a productivity tool. I had the tablet PC when they first came out and everyone didn't have an ipad yet. I am sure it won't be long before ipads catch up. For my Real Estate business- the iphone + tablet is the way to go- I have the infrared dongle on the phone to open lock boxes, the MLS app and all my contacts- no computer needed until time to write a contract-the tablet with the pen makes this handy. If they ever get the MLS apps for forms and documents to support iPad and safari that will change the game. although many is still paper that dominates as many clients need to hold it in their hands while they sign up for the big home buying decision. Easier to read? seems more real? not sure..Now, in fairness...tablets now aren't as robust as the one I have- they are more like toys than tools now and the trend seems to grow. ipad is a toy that's becoming a better tool.