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What Is Google Fiber? Why Google Is Building A High Speed Internet Network

Updated on December 28, 2016

Google Fiber Logo

The familiar Google colors make up the Google Fiber bunny logo
The familiar Google colors make up the Google Fiber bunny logo | Source

Why Is Google Building Google Fiber?

With Google pressing ahead with their high speed fiber optic Internet delivery network, many people are wondering what is Google Fiber and why Google, an Internet search engine, is building a high speed Internet network? Anyone who wants to understand the Internet of tomorrow, needs to understand what Google Fiber is and the implications this high speed Internet service has for the Internet of the future.

Google Fiber is by far the fastest high speed fiber optic Internet network that is commercially available in the United States. While Google Fiber might be a good long-term way for Google to invest their tremendous cash hoard, the company's intentions go far beyond looking for a place to invest their large cash position. Google has a variety of business interests that are poised to benefit by their effort to dramatically increase Internet speeds in the United States, including their core advertising business.

What Is Google Fiber? A Huge Step Forward In Internet Speeds

While Internet networking speeds are usually a topic that only makes tech geeks excited, Google Fiber has created quite a buzz amongst many Internet users and businesses because it is a dramatic leap forward in Internet speeds. While the fastest traditional Internet networks offer speeds of up to 30 Megabits per second (Mbps - a Megabit is one million bits of data), Google Fiber offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Many consumers that use broadband Internet services currently receive their Internet services at much slower 2 to 10 Mbps speeds. While 100 Mbps Internet speeds have been common for a number of years in certain Asian and European countries, in the United States, these speeds are totally new, which is why Google Fiber is generating so much interest.

Why Google Is Building The Google Fiber High Speed Internet Network

Rather than looking to dominate the Internet Service Provider (ISP) space, many technology experts believe Google is rolling out Google Fiber to increase the Internet speed standard in the United States and prod ISPs to upgrade their networks to deliver faster services to consumers. It appears that Google has a number of ulterior motives behind their drive to build the super-fast Google Fiber Internet network.

Google is arguably the leading Internet company in the world. The company has business interests in everything from search engine advertising to online video to cloud data storage. The Internet is the lifeblood of Google. It is the highway network that Google operates its businesses on. Improving Internet speeds dramatically by making 100 Mbps speeds the standard in the United States vastly increases the opportunities for Google to expand and grow its core businesses and develop new Internet businesses. The opportunities for Google to grow will be enhanced if Google Fiber causes a significant expansion of wifi Internet service throughout the United States, as mobile Internet users will considerably more free access to Google’s products and services. Substantially faster Internet speeds and expanded wifi services will likely boost Google’s advertising business and other business ventures, which makes it easy to understand the motivation behind the build-out of Google Fiber. Google will also have the ability to build comprehensive data profiles for users of Google Fiber to target advertising more effectively.

Google Fiber Internet Service Offerings

Google Fiber offers three service levels, including a free Internet service:

  1. Free Internet service at slower speeds of approximately 5 Mbps for a one-time $300 infrastructure fee.
  2. 100 Mbps Gigabit Internet service for $70 per month (infrastructure fee waived).
  3. 100 Mbps Gigabit Internet and Television service for $120 per month (infrastructure fee waived).

As of the spring of 2013, Google Fiber is only available in limited areas in the United States. Initially available in Kansas City, Kansas, Google announced plans in early 2013 to provide Google Fiber in both Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah. To keep up to date on the Google Fiber roll-out, check: Google Fiber Cities on the official Google Fiber site.

Competitors such as Verizon and AT&T are also rolling out much faster fiber optic networks. The race is on for a new generation of high-speed fiber optic Internet.

Google Fiber: Explained!

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Google Fiber Is The Fastest Internet Connection Available

Google Fiber is connecting homes and businesses to the Internet at lighting fast speeds
Google Fiber is connecting homes and businesses to the Internet at lighting fast speeds | Source

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