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What Is HD Voice in VoIP?

Updated on June 7, 2012
VoIP HD Voice
VoIP HD Voice

VoIP Voice Quality

Many people wonder whether the quality of VoIP calls will be as good as those delivered by PSTN system. In my opinion, this is the wrong question to ask. In reality, VoIP has the capability to be far more effective and deliver far clearer and better voice quality than anything you have experienced with the traditional telephone. The questions about VoIP call quality arise due to problems like insufficient bandwidth and jitter on the network. Those who're using VoIP within their own organization know that call quality between two employees in the same company is excellent. This is because given the right conditions, VoIP technologies can make use of HD voice codecs to improve and deliver crystal-clear voice streams.

Amongst the many features of VoIP, what is often missed is that in many cases customers will actually find an improvement in voice quality when using it to communicate with other VoIP users. Since a large portion of the communication that takes place in the company is between employees, this will dramatically speed up and improve functionalities such as conferencing Better voice-recognition is critical for an effective meeting. The traditional PSTN system is great when just two people are talking. When you adding more people, you begin to understand that something more is required.

HD Voice

The traditional PSTN system uses a simplified codec that reduces the amount of bandwidth necessary to carry a voice signal. It does this, by eliminating the higher and lower frequencies. This does a pretty good job of replicating the other person's voice over a telephone line. But all of us have experienced situations where it is impossible to distinguish between various plosive alphabets such as p, b, t, and d. This is because those higher frequencies that were eliminated at the source are vital for distinguishing between them. In addition, when many people are communicating over the same line, we don't have their faces in front of us to get visual cues as to who is currently talking.

To easily recognize the speaker, it is extremely helpful to have access to the extreme frequencies that are cut when using a normal telephone. HD voice technologies deliver these frequencies to the listener thereby enabling them to easily identify the other person. It's a safe bet to say that once you begin talking to others in HD, you will find it extremely inconvenient to go back to what you were used to before. This is just one of the many perks of VoIP in addition to low calling costs. Contact your SIP provider to find out how you can get started today.


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