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What Is MySql?

Updated on October 28, 2014

What is MySql?

SQL ( Structured Query Language ) is 1 of the most widely used as a database languages in the whole entire world. If you're a web application developer, a database administrator, a web designer, or any type of application developer, then MySQL is perfect for you.

Because Structured Query Language is 1 of the most widely used database languages in the whole world ,it is a good idea to have a good amount of knowledge on how it works because you can interact with many different types of databases on all different kinds of platforms such as Microsoft Office.

The fact that you are reading this article right now shows that you are interested in using a database or need to interact with a database somehow. It could be for a new gig that you just picked up or it could be a project at your job that must be completed at a certain time.

No matter what the situation is, Structured Query Language is a pretty basic language to learn in order to complex tasks by using very basic commands, such as inserting data into a database or extracting data from a database.

How Does SQL Work?

Before you dive right in and try to write Structured Query Language code, you must understand the basics on how this language works.

You may not be aware of it, but you are using a database all the time. Each time you select the name from your email address, like a post on facebook, upload a youtube video, you are using something called a database.

Whenever you are using information on a website or digitally you are using a database. If you are inserting information or trying to find information on a website or digital device, you are most likely using a database, and it is most likely it is Structured Query Language ( SQL )

Although we hear the word database all the time and use technology that accesses a database, there is still a ton of confusion on how database really is and how it works.

Compare SQL To A File Cabinet

When thinking about a database, the best way to compare it to something that we use that is not digital in real life file cabinet.

When we use a file cabinet to enter information, typically how it works is we open the file cabinet, select the correct folder such as a name and address or something else, and then we insert a paper into the file and close the file cabinet. Then when we need to access information from the file cabinet "database" we open up the file cabinet, find the right file / folder, and then open up the file that contains the information.

This is pretty much exactly how is a digital database works in the computer world. We insert certain information into certain tables of the database, and Access those tables when we need to use the information.

When you store information in a file cabinet, you typically don't just toss the papers in all unorganized. You separate them into different files and folders. Now, a file cabinet in the database world is called a table.

You can picture a table looking like rows into columns. When using a database table, you can store any type of information you want from pictures, to text, and any type of information you need.

You can also separate the tables and breakdown the information in certain categories such as customers, first and last names, credit card information, addresses, email addresses, and much more information about your customers or whatever database you are using.

An Example Of MySql Code

Structured Query Language works just like the English language that most of us use. This is exactly why Structured Query Language is extremely easy to learn and is able to complete very complex tasks.

Here is an example on a Structured Query Language code that is used to enter information into a database.

Code Example: mysql_query("INSERT INTO customers (FirstName, LastName, Age)VALUES ('Jeffrey', 'Dean',37)");

Basically what this code just did was it inserted the first name, the last name, and the address into a database named "customers". The information was His first name "Jeffrey", His last name "Dean" and his age "37".

All In All

Do not get scared when you hear the words Structured Query Language. It is not a language that is completely out of this world. Almost anybody can learn it if they have basic knowledge of computer technology.

It is recommended that you go to a bookstore that has a good selection of computer programming books. There are tons of books that you can find that have to do with Structured Query Language. Some of these books cost anywhere between $10 - $30 dollars.

The information and price is well worth it because it will pay off in the long run as a long term investment in your career. Thank you for Reading!


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