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What Is RFID Technology And A RFID Tag

Updated on January 7, 2011

RFID Technology And RFID Tag Explained

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is simply the utilization of radio waves to read information on small devices known as a RFID Tag. RFID is the term used for any device that can be read at a distance without problems of obstruction. The RFID technology allows chips (RFID tag) to be embedded in any item and allows it to be tracked without doing anything physical to the item. For example: In a barcode system the item's barcode will need be lined up with the barcode scanner in order for the item to be tracked. In an RFID system no line of sight is needed.

There are a number of applications and RFID technologies which overlap in some way or form. However, they each have their advantages and disadvantages thus making them superior for certain applications and not other ones.

When used effectively and wisely RFID has the capabilities to increase operational efficiency 10 fold.

RFID Tag Prices Determined By The Following

RFID Tag Prices
RFID Tag Prices


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